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The Mini AC Schnitzer

Posted in BMW, Mini by davidallen | July 18th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

The German tuning company AC Schnitzer has just revealed their latest project, the AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R56. They have developed a range of accessories and performance enhancing upgrades for the already great new Mini.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R56.

The Mini Cooper is already a pretty good small car, which has totally re launched the brand as hip car to have and to be seen in, but with the styling from companies like AC Schnitzer this will take the Mini Cooper onto a new level and will attract a whole new group of interested customers.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R56.

The upgrades include a twin sports silencer addition to the exhaust system, with fully chromed racing tailpipe, and sports racing suspension. The body has been given a bit of a makeover too with front bumper, rear spoiler, and a really nice looking rear skirt with a diffuser, that helps with down force. Even the wheels have been changed to offer a choice of either 17 “ or 18 “ alloy wheels.

AC Schnitzer Mini Cooper R56.

On the inside the car has been given a few AC Schnitzer’s touches such as a Aluminum handbrake handle, aluminum gear shift knob, aluminum foot rest, aluminum pedal set and the floor is covered with some classy velour floor mats.

There is not much information on the price structure yet, or availability.

Source [eGM Car Tech]

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