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The Messes of Monterey.

Posted in Chevrolet, Classic, Collector Cars, FAIL, Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance by MrAngry | August 16th, 2010 | 1 Response |

Dragon Vette

The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California is home to some of the best automobiles on the planet. From the auctions, to the cruises to the actual Concours d’Elegance, this event is one of the most revered in the world of cars. Sometimes however a few stragglers can slip in and poison the water. These are cars that have been customized or built by individuals or small start-up companies who believe that they have reached the pinnacle of automotive design and engineering. The rest of the world however see’s these automobiles as simple atrocities that have no business being at one of the most prestigious car shows in the world.

I’ve noticed that these rides have infiltrated not only the streets of Monterey, but a few of the auctions and local cars shows as well. This is why, in typical Ridelust.com fashion, I must show you guys the worst of the worst and what I consider to be the “Messes of Monterey”.

• Overkill…

I spied this disgusting mess of a Corvette as I was wandering around the Russo and Steel auction site. It was a mid-80’s Vette that was so overdone it was painful. From the chrome to the neon lights to the paint, which was said to be valued at $80k, this Corvette was just about as gaudy as they come.

• Just in case you didn’t realize it…

… what you are looking at is a pro-touring car. What this generally means is that and old car, usually a muscle car, has been rebuild with some modern components to make it go, stop and handle like a modern day automobile. One thing however that is not acceptable and that plants this car directly into the “mess” category is the little decal on the completely non-functional shaker hood that actually says “PRO-TOURING”.

• Ass Master.

The first thing I thought about when I first viewed this Corvette was Jennifer Lopez’s ass, seriously, look at the booty on this thing. With a bubble like that I’m surprised this car wasn’t surrounded by the likes of El Camino’s and Trans Am’s. I’m going to assume that this car started out as a C5 Corvette, but in this day and age who the hell really knows.


The 1980’s were a complete mess as far as automobile design went. Everything was slab sided, performance numbers were in the toilet and the word “excitement” was something that just wasn’t a part of the automotive vocabulary. One aftermarket companies cure for this was the “TROJAN”. Based on a 1980s Firebird Trans Am the TROJAN was nothing more than a tacky body kit with some plexiglas inserts. This one, by some miracle has survived, which is unfortunate because it means that someone else may try to resuscitate this mess as opposed to just pulling the plug.

• The worst offender: The K1

I spied this pile at of all places, the Concorso Italiano. The K1 was apparently a kit that was built in the mid-1990’s. This one was touted as one of the last one’s in existence and stated that it could be worth upwards of 1 million dollars in the future due to its “advanced” design. There was not one body panel that lined up, the welds on the suspension were downright frightening and just about every part on the car looked as though it was made out of bondo. In short this thing was just terrible.

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One Response

  1. Fred says:

    I saw this car, I thought it was one of the coolest car there, it had many people around the car at all times, how did you get a picture of the car with out many people, you must of waited until there was hardly no one there, yes you did, I can see everyone is gone in the back ground, I know because I waited for 10 minutes to try to take a picture with out people covering the car and I could’nt, Also how can you tell that all the cars body panels did not line up? if the doors were open at all times? you should not write things that are not true, to me this was the best looking car in the show.