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The Magnetic Air Car: Another Perpetual Motion Machine, Or Real?

Posted in auto industry, Bizarre, Car Tech, Electric Cars, Emissions, New Cars, Science, Tata by Vito Rispo | September 30th, 2008 | 14 Responses |

We wrote about the Tata motors air car and how it works a while ago. But now, another air car is getting some attention, the San Jose based Magnetic Air Car. The Magnetic Air Car supposedly uses the same compressed air technology as the Tata air car initially, but differs when it gets to the actual engine. Instead of a piston engine like the Tata has, the Magnetic Car is said to use three on-board air compressors to channel the air stream towards a magnetic motor.

I’m still a bit leery about the whole magnetic motor concept in general. I’ve seen too many “perpetual motion machines” that were powered by magnetic motors. There are very few specifics from the company website, but from my understanding, the magnetic motor works by harnessing the power of the magnets repelling each other.

If the Magnetic Air Car is real, it’ll be a really interesting technology for future cars. A prototype of the car is being built at Club Auto Sport in San Jose in the near future. Hopefully we’ll be able to see how it works before 2010.

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14 Responses

  1. […] put this in the WTF are these people smoking news of the day:  Announcing ………. The Magnetic Air Car … empty hoopla. hot […]

  2. Paul Donovan says:

    Nope, not quite right. The Battery, excites a zero point energy Magnetic Motor, builds to max RPM and recharges the battery. Mag Motor spins High-Perf Air Compressor, starts the ‘Big Blow.’ The big blow grows throught three specially Modified Direct Drive Turbochargers. It gets ampified BIG-time through ten compressive stages. Then the pressure is entraned into a captive turbine drive that drives an output shaft. ONE BIG BLOW! No Fuel, no polluition, green tech at its finest. We plan on cleaning technology that will make the air cleaner than when we started using it.

  3. Electric Car says:

    It will be interesting to see if this is a workable concept. After all it was not very long ago that people were scoffing at electric vehicles, and now every one is building one, everyone has a plug in prototype the vehicles already in production are selling faster than they can be made!

  4. Twin Brothers says:

    Please ignore anything you hear from MAC. We are the true inventors of the system they are claiming. A magnetic motor is also not needed its a wasteful step. Are patent for this system was submitted in 2006, and will soon be issued. If MAC proceeds to develop our technology they will be heading for a lawsuit. You cannot double patent an idea. Try patenting a fast food drive through, good luck.

    Ask MAC where are their tests and prototype. They have none. Here is a link of our prototype air bearing turbocharger.

    Some may be wondering why and air bearing? The answer is simple friction is your worst enemy it can rob 4 times the needed power to run a turbocharger at steady state.

    Through our technology we will be able to reduce the heat of air compression by a factor of 3-5. What this means is less energy to produce compressed air as compared to an adiabatic process.

    Once again here is the proof we have a built prototype they dont. Our objective is to increase the compression ratio of todays engines from standard 9:1 to 70:1 on 87-octane fuel. This will be accomplished by a two stage impeller producing 25 lbs/min at 7.8 pressure ratio and a discharge increase of about 50 F from any start inlet temp. Click the link below for our air bearing unit.

    This model ran into errors as it flexed too much to withstand the axial constraint bearing under high speed thrust bends it. We will be updating our model shortly, and again ignore anything you hear from MAC. They are pure pirates.

    Call me directly if you dont believe me I will educate you on any details on how the low delta-t turbocharger works, something that MAC fails to do all the time, simply because they have nothing.


  5. zed says:

    This is just another perpetual motion scam designed to separate gullible people from their money.

  6. WhiteStar 160 says:

    Twin Brothers,
    You have a very interesting comment. Your comment however, would hold more weight if your grammar and spelling were corrected.

    The concept of an Air Driven Car is not Patentable. An air car was driving around LA in 1931. NASA already has the air bearings in public domain. The air turbocharer you show in your video has been around almost as long as I have, so you can not be granted a patent on it.

    Last, Mr. Donovan states in an interview, that he thought of the concept back in the 1970’s. If he has any documentation, then is idea came before yours, even if he did not file for a patent, he predates you so that would void your patent.

    What is patentable, is how you put everything together. The big Key is how you control it. That is the big question.

  7. diane says:

    I just happened upon this site in search of a rumour of a perpetual motion motorcycle that was supposedly suppressed by the auto industry. This sounds fascinating. My vision from a young age (I am 50 now) was of vehicles floating along on magnetic track like strips being pushed by compressed air or the power of alternating magnetic force.

  8. Scott says:

    Bill Truitt’s air car in the 1970s used up to twelve “pairs of hydraulic air pumps with worm drive” to put air directly into 1000-1500 psi tanks. These pumps ran the whole time the car was moving. Could these have been screw compressors? My question to Paul Donovan is, what kind of air car did J M Custer have, can you show any documentation that he knew Roy J Meyers? And to Magnetic Air Cars in general, why don’t you invite all air car inventors from everywhere to come together in San Jose and have a big meeting to read papers or share ideas? Band together against the day that the petrol runs out?

    • ed says:

      Thats an interesting approach by getting them to combine thier efforts but I can see some would consider this to be, sorry to suggest, a communist attempt at perverting the cause of freedom to express and capitilize on ones potential hence competition although collaborations are not uncommon but truly to see various approaches to a similar effort gives us, the consumer a choice.
      At the end of the day which ever unit delivers what they claim is and always will be the winner regardless of promotional efforts

  9. Ken says:

    Before the ‘petrol’ runs out (other than governments stopping us from producing it), we will have warp drives in our ‘cars’ and won’t need magnetic discombomulators to run our vehicles.

  10. Twin Brothers says:

    We are working with Mac now everything has been settled and we are back on track.

  11. eruera says:

    Very interesting. My question is this which is to do with performance, “Does this concept perform on par with ICE Vehicles and also will the Air Vehicle ever need to change the compressed air being created, for if this is a requirement then the concept of this being a perpetual machine would then be defunct, would it not.

    My understanding of perpetual motion is a singular unit being able to power itself so by definition a vehicle has many parts so is negated from this pursuit.

    Now if the equation was put forward as a mimic to perpetual motions intention as its basis then one would accept it more readily.

    Love to hear thoughts for or against with explanations,

    Thank You

  12. kailash shrimanglece says:

    i have an idea to replace piston by means of magnet……….

  13. yvonne says:

    sounds great the magnetic air car,if I could wish for a car I would wish for this type.