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The Japanese 3 Prefer A Little Junk In The Trunk

Posted in auto industry, Honda, Mazda, Newsworthy, Nissan, Nissan GT-R, Toyota by Suzanne Denbow | July 29th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

According to reports, Japanese automakers have been paying attention to the small-car resistence movement led by a small faction of American motorists [read: me and like, 4 guys in Texas].

For 2009, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan [whom I enjoy unfairly referring to as “The Axis of Evil”] have revamped their product line to include bigger, more powerful, more fuel efficient vehicles.

Nissan’s commitment to the capacious comes in the form of GT-R coupe and is more concerned with girth under the hood as opposed to on the frame. A well-publicized and much anticipated addition to the Nissan line-up, the GT-R is a mean little sports coupe that, after its redesign, will be packing 450-horsepower under the hood. Meanwhile, the already efficient Altima, Maxima, 350-Z, and Pathfinder will undergo significant platform changes.

Honda, wisely sticking to what they know, will be reconfiguring the Honda Accord and releasing a model with the largest dimensions of any Accord to date.

Toyota definetly takes the prize for “most ballsy maneuver,” however, with the decision to not only continue production of but increase the exterior dimensions and weight of the Toyota Sequoia. The Sequoia, a soccer-mom land yacht by any standards, will feature a redesigned, larger wheelbase in 2009.

Last by not least, in no-one-really-paying attention auto announcements, Infiniti [Motto: We Haven’t Quite Caught On That Rotary Engines Largely Suck] announced plans to introduce a dramatically different addition of the Mazda RX-8. Oh, I wait with bated breath.

[Source: Automotive News]

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