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The impossible texting & driving test

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Texting While Driving

Here’s the deal – regardless of how talented you think you are at texting while driving, you’re not. In fact the odds of you killing and or maiming yourself and others is actually pretty damn good. Don’t believe me? Click through for the video and watch as some amateur drivers are put to the texting test.

Source: Youtube.com

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One Response

  1. djrosa says:

    now to be fair while driving and texting is dangerous in some circumstances say in town or while on a curvy road. if you keep your focus on the road and just write one letter at a time when oportunity arives its possible to do it safely. while i dont text and drive (i barely text at all) changing playlists on my ipod or dialing a number is something i do quite often i have no trouble holding my lane and as i only do this while keeping good distance to any car ahead and i dont do this if traffic is heavy and i also like i said keep my main focus on the road and only manouver the phone when i can and only then in really short stints so as not to loose focus on the road.