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The IIHS Releases Convertible Crash Ratings for 2007

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The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released its results from testing it did on America’s 10 top selling convertibles. While a history of safety may make the top picks on the list appear obvious it was the poor crash test performance of a couple of the intrants that is alarming.

2007 volvo c70 iihs crash test results

The Volvo C70 and the Saab 9-3 Convertibles tied for the highest ratings in the IIHS crash results. They both received the Good ratings in front and side crash results, but really stood out from the rest of the field in rear crash protection. Out of the 10 car line-up the Volvo and Saab convertibles were the only cars whose seats were properly designed to lessen the effects of whiplash in an accident. The other 8 cars received marginal test results in rear crash largely because of potential neck injuries.

The biggest losers in the pack were the BMW 3-series and the Pontiac G6 convertibles. The G6 was the only car in the field to receive a marginal score in both side and rear impact testing. In both frontal and side crash testing the driver-dummy suffered serious head injuries that could prove fatal in an actual crash.

Pontiac g6 iihs worst in crash test results

Both the G6 and the BMW 3-series convertibles were disappointments to the IIHS because both cars are new models. Of all the cars on the list the BMW comes in with the highest sticker price. To cost so much while providing such marginal protection seems to steal away the old adage, “you get what you pay for.”

Click hereto view the IIHS summary for their Convertible Crash Testing. While you are there you can go on to search for your car to see how it fairs in IIHS Crash Tests.

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