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The Honda Accord Shakes the Hybrid, While Prius Sales Leap Ahead

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With the rest of the automotive world talking hybrids, Honda is now saying what is old is new again. After some quiet time in R&D Honda is coming out with a new diesel engine for their Honda Accord in 2008. That diesel will be supplanting the Accord hybrid. With projected fuel consumption estimated to reach 50-60mpg it might seem a legitimate option as Americans seek out ways to decrease their carbon output and decrease their gas expense, but it does fly against the popular trend of hybrids in the market place. A pretty bold move by Honda as the Toyota Prius moved up to being the 6th most sold passenger car in the US for the month of May.

honda accord hybrid diesel 2008

toyota prius may sales record

This year the Toyota Prius hit 10 years old, and to celebrate its birthday Toyota has record numbers of them hitting the dealerships. It used to be you had to pre-order your Prius sight unseen and hope for an early delivery. Today you can actually head to a dealership and put your hands on one. And as the tax incentive on the Prius dwindles Toyota has started to chip in some of their own marketing money with a $2000 rebate.

 It will take a few years yet to see which company is betting on the right technology, if there is a right or wrong here. Maybe the most important thing is that the major automakers of the world are finally putting some real money into fuel efficient vehicles instead of engineered behemoths. Now if only one of these major corporations would put out a supercharged diesel sports car with 400-hp that gets 40mpg.

…Ahhh. Dream a little dream.

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