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The Hills Star Lauren Conrad Spotted In New Mercedes-Benz Drop Top

Posted in Car Photography, Cars, Celebrity Cars, Expensive Cars, Luxury Cars, Mercedes Benz by Suzanne Denbow | September 23rd, 2008 | 1 Response |

Or, another considered title for this post, “RideLust editor completely corrupts her soul, reports on young, talentless, hack.”

Nevertheless, the sham must go on and so I bring to you now the latest and greatest about one of Hollywood’s leading waifs and her newest ride. According to photos snapped by the enterprising paparazzi, Lauren Conrad, the vapid harbinger of a doomed generation [to put it lightly], has reportedly ditched her BMW for a Mercedes-Benz CL convertible. I’m not completely certain as to the year, make, or model, because while I was searching for the relevant visual aides, my attention was diverted by the large, carnivorous mass of evil gnawing at my conscious. So please take your own initiative to extract the relevant information after the jump.

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One Response

  1. barbra says:

    i think you secretly love the hills