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The Hatfield-McCoy Trail brings ATV Tourism to WV

Posted in Road Trips, Travel by will bee | August 14th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

DCP_2958Transportation and adventure seems to be the topic of the day and makes for an opportune time to talk about something new I just discovered. The Hatfield-McCoy’s Trails in West Virginia is a state tourism attraction designed to provide more of what the state has to offer in a semi-controlled environment. Maybe this is another way to off-set the winter ski season with the multi-season even of driving ATV’s along skill rated trails.

The trails also go by another name, Trails Heaven, based of the West Virginia theme of “Almost Heaven.” The state managed trails provide a safe adventure through marked trails that will take the rider beyond what is seen along the normal highway or rural road. Between each trail is a town that is finally enjoying a revival of sorts after losing much of the coal revenues of old.

hatfield-mccoy's trail - wv

The trails have brought an economic return into the state and counties that it crosses. In 2006 it was reported that the Trails Heaven has carried into the state $7.7million dollars in tourism revenues. Between the fees riders pay for the permits to drive the trails and the food and lodging provided many of the small communities around the trails have benefited.

There are currently 500-miles in the trails system and plans for more trails are in the works. And the attraction of the trails must be working as over 25,000 paid to cross the rugged terrain just last year. So if you are seeking a new off-road adventure from which you can enjoy the sights that nature has to offer take a look at the Hatfield-McCoy’s Trails.

Source[TimesWestVirginian – February 14, 2007, HeavensTrail]

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