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The Future of Performance: Toyota’s FT-HS Concept

Posted in Design, Emissions, Toyota by will bee | June 3rd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

When Toyota came out to the 2007 NAIAS in Detroit with their High Performance hybrid concept, the auspiciously dubbed FT-HS, the mouths of the environmentally concious horsepower junkies must have started to salivate. With some brave and aggressive styling the FT-HS immediately imbodies speed, but with the promise of a hybrid 400-hp engine Toyota is promising some real punch to make it fast. That acceleration of zero-to-60 in the 4 seconds range is supposed to be matched with the protential of 28 mpg.

Toyota's FT-HS Concept

Unlike some of Toyota’s high speed concepts of the past (1967’s 2000GT and the 1990’s 4500GT), The FT-HS has received the green-light for prodcution. The car is reported to be targeted for the 2009 model year. The question then is will the final production model fulfill the promise of the concept? At the International Auto Show in Detroit in January Toyota associated their hybrid concept with the $30,000 auot bracket. Is that a price package Toyota can truly deliver?

Toyota FT-HS

Until the Toyota FT-HS becomes a reality the car and its hybrid engine are going to see a lot of coverage and conversation all over the in print and online. Can Toyota deliver? Time will tell. But until that time, let the speculation begin.

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