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The Future of Fuel: Lord Humongous Will Rule the American Southwest

Posted in Fuel, Funny Videos by Vito Rispo | August 19th, 2008 | 1 Response |

Lord Humungous asks politely for gasoline
Lord Humungous asks politely for gasoline

I like to think of myself as an amateur futurist. I take all the available information, filter it through my super intellect and come up with the most likely future outcomes. Lately, I’ve been pointing my brain at the current political and economic climate.

Here’s my analysis:
Most likely, in 5 years, we’ll all live in a small desert communities and have to constantly battle Lord Humongous and his band of crazy weirdos for control of our dwindling gasoline supplies. Depending on how far along we are, Tina Turner might also be involved in some way, but I’m not completely sure about that.

Beyond Thunderdome
Tina Turner Beyond Thunderdome

Only one thing is really certain, PAIN.

Here is a clip from 5 years in the future:

And who’s the face behind the mask? Dick Cheney. You heard it here first people.

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One Response

  1. Joe says:

    VITO— I’ve seen the future and I LIKE IT!!! ahhhhhhhh