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The Ford Focus ST

Posted in Ford by davidallen | July 2nd, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

What is so spectacular about that then? Well this is the Ford Focus ST by MS Design, which puts a different complexion on the whole subject of the Ford Focus and what it can become with a complete body styling package like the one offered by MS design.

The Ford Focus does not normally conjure up images of a sports type car, yet once you overcome the family image of the car, it can quickly and nicely become a very nice and indeed very fast sports saloon.

ford focus

MS Design are a major European business, and describe themselves as a styling shop as the main bulk of their business is body parts for popular cars which can be anything from a rear spoiler to light clusters, but they are so much more than that. Although tuning is becoming a very popular side of the design process, which makes sense because, if you do not offer the complete package, then customers will seek it out elsewhere and find somewhere that does the whole job, not just bits and pieces.

ford focus

Their version of the Ford Focus has been given the following:

The MS Design styling package consists of:

– Radiator grille.
– Front flaps.
– Tail diffuser.
– Aerodynamically optimized roof wing insert.
– 18 inch and 20 inch light alloy wheels.

The problem is with this package, MS design says that the racing package is only for Auto Shows, but do we believe that? I’d like to think that this is a pre launch of a new tuning and design package, we can only hope!

Source [Zer Customs]

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