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The Falcon Kestrel, Loose In LA

Posted in Café Racers, Cool Stuff, Motorcycle, Videos by Kurt Ernst | September 20th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

We’ve told you about the Falcon Kestrel before, but this new video from Falcon Motorcycles shows the Kestrel running the streets of LA and the concrete canyons of the LA River. In case you’ve never heard of Falcon motorcycles, they’re the product of Ian Barry’s artistic genius. Starting with select components of a classic British bike (in the case of the Kestrel, a Triumph Bonneville motor mated to a BSA transmission), Barry and his team build one-off, custom bikes as his vision guides him. You won’t find any off-the-shelf tanks or fenders on a Falcon Motorcycle, and no two of their bike will ever be identical.

Falcon is in the midst of a ten bike series, starting with the Bullet (owned by Jason Lee) and continuing with the Kestrel. Their bikes are functional works of art, and I guarantee we’ll be following the evolution of this series closely. In this day of mass-produced, disposable crap, it’s refreshing to see that companies like Falcon Motorcycles still build things by hand, and build them to last.

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