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The Failures of Driver Education: First Time on Track

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The Road Testament

As an instructor with the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) I can tell you from experience that the vast majority of high performance car owners lack the ability that’s needed to drive their cars at the limit. All too often people come to the race track with their 450 + hp machines only to finish the day by having a whole new respect for them. Most of the owners are willing to learn and take instruction which, let’s face it, is why they’re there. Every so often though we do get individuals who simply aren’t smart enough to know what they don’t know and when that happens things usually go south very quickly. I was lucky enough to have recently sat down with J.F. Musial of The Road Testament to shed a little insight on why getting some real driver education is the way to go for every driver out there. Click through for the video.

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One Response

  1. djrosa says:

    heh i think that anekdote about crashing his first car was quite amusing. im a swede so ive gone through our rather strikt license test and i still totaled my moms clio three weeks after i got the license (on the other hand this was a crash with a guy who reversed up on a right of way street)