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The Electric Squareback I Should’ve Built

Posted in EcoLust, Electric Cars, Environment, Favorite Cars, Volkswagen by Dustin Driver | April 13th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

The VW Type 3 Squareback is a scrumptious little jellybean and I would proudly putter around in one. So when my family recently gave the order to scrap an inherited ’71 Squareback, I died a little inside. This city boy has limited garage space and zero mad money for restoration projects. I had to let it go. If I had a Jay-Lenoesque restoration shop, or even an extra 500 bucks, I would’ve dragged it home and made it buzz with electricity. Sacrilege? I appreciate a high-strung pancake engine that can rattle the world to bits, but a Squareback that can spin its tires with nothing more than a high-pitched whine is simply rad. Florida-based bakery¬†Pastry Art built this ‘lectric Squareback to deliver sugary confections. Mine would’ve looked something like it, but with a more subtle paint job. Hit the jump for a video of the build.

Project Green Machine from VW TV on Vimeo.

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