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The Electric Car Can Kick Your Soul in the Butt

Posted in EcoLust, Electric Cars, Featured by Dustin Driver | September 24th, 2010 | Leave a Reply |

Electric cars get a lot of guff from gearheads, and for good reason. They’re quiet. They’re heavy. They never live up to expectations when it comes to range. But they can be exciting. All it takes is a ride in a Tesla, a chance to feel that relentless rush of torque, to see the light. There’s no break in power, no pause or jerk for gear changes. And the silence makes the unbroken acceleration that much more impressive. It’s like being moved by the hand of Zeus himself. It’s definitely a rush, just a different kind of rush.

I think electric cars have had terrible marketing. They’ve been pushed as efficient, earth-friendly replacements for gas guzzlers, practical, logical transportation devices for rational people. It’s all wrong. Electric cars have tremendous performance potential, as Tesla has shown us. They can be muscle cars, sports cars, race cars. They don’t all have to be simple, clean, and reasonable personal transportation pods. They can be totally bitchin’.

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