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The eBay find of the week is a Fire Breathing 1927 Dodge Custom

Posted in General by will bee | July 16th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Dodge Classic Custom

Maybe it was the oppressive Summer heat of Nevada or possibly the nearby California wild fires, but something has certainly built a fire about this ebay classic. The car is a 1927 Dodge that has been customized and rebuilt into a fire breathing daily driver. While the general parts are fairly typical for restore-mod fair that involves the Chevy 350 engine, Mustang II front end and the Ford 9-inch rear, it is the effort of the artist on the outside that brings this car to attention.

Dodge Custom Classic

Painted flames have their place in automotive History and it seems that this car has collected all of that History and put in in one paint job. If you are looking for a custom classic that will get you noticed you may need to look no further. Since the car lacks both a heater and air conditioning, those flames won’t be the only thing burning up on the pavement.

With a stated reserve of $14,999 this is one chance to grab a unique ride that happens comes equipped with a Mother-in-law’s seat in the back. If you are a bit extroverted and don’t mind stares give this little classic a once-over at on eBay.

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