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The Delorean Outfit

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DeLorean Outfit

Everyone who has ever seen a DeLorean has a different reason as to why it speaks to them. For some it’s the stainless steel body, for others it’s the gull wing doors. Like their owners, these machines have very unique and distinct personalities. Yet despite this, the owners passion for the car remains. Even though these automobiles are not the best performers that hasn’t stopped them from becoming true automotive icons.

Source: Vimeo.com

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One Response

  1. turbosrt says:

    The stainless steel no rust body, gullwing doors, long throw shifter, widebody stance, and Back to the Future Fame. It just makes for a very cool car if done right. I always imagined having one just as is except replace the engine with something much more powerful. Im thinking a 2JZ turbo I6 or maybe the I4 out of an SRT4 (If it is even possible). 400hp is easy to pull from either of those engines and would make for one of the coolest rides I can imagine.