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The Cost of Soy Beans Slowing BioDiesel

Posted in General by will bee | June 30th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Autobloggreen presented an interesting article on the recently opened Bangor Biodiesel plant in Michigan. The price of soy beans has reached the cost inhibitive point resulting in a cut-back in production and forcing them to put a portion of their employees on “hiatus”.

BioDiesel - soy beans

The concern should be as more and more biodiesel and ethanol plants are opened in the coming years will the supply of soy beans and corn be plentiful enough to supply both the fuel industry and the food industry. And there does not seem to be any discussion of what the contingencies are for providing soy beans or corn during drought plagued seasons.

We are absolutely at the point where alternative fuels are on the international main-stage and they have already sung some of their chart topping tunes: BioDiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen, and Liquid Coal. Hopefully there is one more hit to come that can truly lead the alternative fuel market in the right direction.

Read more on the BioDiesel plant in Bangor, MI on AutoBlogGreen.

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