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The Chevrolet Concept Mini-Cars: Cutting Fresh Trax

Posted in auto industry, Auto Show, Chevrolet, Concept Cars by Suzanne Denbow | July 29th, 2008 | 1 Response |

At the 2007 New York Auto Show,GM, apparently in collaboration with Jam Master Jay, introduced three new sub-compact concept cars: the Chevrolet Beat, Groove, and Trax. Chevrolet has asserted that the 3 mini concept cars were “designed to be more stylish than the Aveo”…but the jury is still out.

Although admittedly not so ugly as to inspire gastrointestinal reaction, the mini cars are an acquired taste. The Groove and the Trax are of a very similar design, definitely reminiscent of the ill-fated Scion XA, but the Beat strikes a particularly sour note(ouch, sorry, no pun intended) as it appears to be the Toyota Prius: Honey I Shrunk The Design Plans edition.

Perhaps as a nod to this obvious character trait/flaw, executives at Chevrolet announced that the Beat will see European production by 2009 – but won’t ever set its little rubber feet on American soil. 

So what can Uncle Sam expect? By 2011, either the Groove or the Trax – Chevrolet isn’t ready to reveal their final decision yet – but my money is on the Trax.

Of the three, The Chevrolet Trax is the most “rugged” [and I use the term very loosely] and has been described as a micro SUV. A four-door hatchback, the Trax features 1.0L, 3 cylinder engine and, depending on how adventurous the consumer is feeling, will be available in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Although it’s boxy, sport design will probably work wonders softening the blow of the die-hard SUV enthusiast forced to downsize, the Trax is not a replacement for a good old-fashioned truck. According to a delusional marketing department, however, Chevy says they’re hoping to push the Trax towards “active urban city dwellers who like to go off-road on weekends.” Off-roading? Where? The unpaved parking lot?

Still, the bigger, stronger Trax seems the only one in the trio that a Chevy, known for its stereotypically American cars, could ever have any success marketing.
The other contender, the Groove, appeared to be ill-suited for the American market after line 1 of the press release. According to Chevy, the Groove’s narrow, slightly-chunky exterior and overall styling is aimed at inspiring a sense of “funkastalgia.” What does this look like, a disco? Pass.

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