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The Cars of 2010: Green Autos

Posted in Electric Cars, Gas Prices by David | May 29th, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

Everywhere I seem to turn someone is talking about hybrids, and high gas prices. So it’s no suprise to me when I head on over to a green blog network I frequent to find an interesting article on the cars we might be driving in 2010.

gas prices

“Green” autos have been all the rage at this year’s auto shows, with fuel-sipping compacts, plug-in and all-electric vehicles headlining events from Detroit to Geneva. However, many of these cars from the largest automakers are concept or pre-production models that still won’t be available by 2010.

While many hybrid or ‘green autos’ won’t be available until 2010, one huge thing we can all do is drive slower to improve on gas effiency and check out sites like GasBuddy.com for places to find cheaper gas in your neighborhood.

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