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The Car Show: We’ve Got Something Here!

Posted in General, The Car Show, Videos by MrAngry | July 14th, 2011 | 6 Responses |

The Car Show On Speed

Carolla, Farah, Salley and Neil… these are the guys that make up The Car Show which airs Wednesday nights on Speed. Basically we have a TV show that is part Top Gear and part Sports Center with a little bit of The View mixed in for good measure. I watched the premier episode last evening and figured I’d throw out some thoughts. Now I know that Speed isn’t going to want to here this, but they’ve got the wrong guy in the drivers seat. Carolla, while knowledgeable about cars, seemed as though he was trying to force the comedy aspect with a couple of quick shots at Farah, a few at Salley and then of course, a fart joke at the end thrown in for good measure. Former NBA star John Salley, while seemingly a nice enough guy, just isn’t a real enthusiast and shouldn’t be on this show. That leaves Farah and Neil.

The Car Show On Speed

Now granted Matt Farah doesn’t have the fame of Adam Carolla (yet), but who cares? He’s more natural on camera, doesn’t force anything, is naturally funny and fun to watch, and at the end of the day, this guy knows his shit. Now we come to Dan Neil, and I have to say that I like this guy. His hair is perfect, he’s got the elitist persona down pat (hell… he did win a Pulitzer), his suit was perfectly tailored and he’s great to watch. Plus if you read his column in the Wall Street Journal you’ll understand that his wit, automotive knowledge and tone of delivery are hilarious – plus, he’s honest.

Sure the premiere episode was a bit slow, but that’s OK, as I have no doubt that these guys are going to develop their own rhythm. The show itself was broken down into seven segments, some good, some not so good. For instance, the piece were Farah ran a Porsche GT3 RS flat-out at over 165 mph at the Mojave Mile was not only fun to watch, but beautifully shot. As was the segment with Dan Neil and the Rolls Royce Ghost. Neil seems to be the “Ying” to Farah’s “Yang” and in my opinion they have the best chemistry on set. Other segments like the “Car Show Game Show” and the Jimmy Johnson interview should’ve just been scrapped.

Here’s a little advice for Speed Channel and the Hollywood weenies that are producing this show. First, go learn something about cars because it’s obvious you don’t know dick about how to shoot them. Secondly, take advice from your cast. These guys, with the exception of Salley, live, eat and breathe petrol and are smarter than you, so take their advice when they offer it. And third… go back and look at some of Matt Farah’s episodes on The Smoking Tire. They’re beautifully shot and wickedly fun to watch which is why they’ve received millions and millions of views. Here’s a tip… let your car guys be car guys and your audience will be huge. Keep trying to pull this Hollywood bullshit though and The Car Show will be garaged very quickly.

So, with all of that being said, I’m giving your premier episode a solid “B”. It’s good, but you (the producers) have to stop thinking that you know what’s best, and actually start listening to your shows cast.

Oh and by the way, if you happened to have missed it, Streetfire.net will be showing each and every episode of The Car Show, so make sure to bookmark this link!

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6 Responses

  1. David Houston says:

    Hello, I am a executive producer on The Car Show. Thanks for the B! Although you make many good points, I wanted you to know that this is not a show produced by Hollywood weeines. I am a car guy. In fact, this is the first show I’ve ever worked on. I’d be glad to communicate directly with you about the show and give you some “inside baseball”
    on it if you’d like. Until then, thanks for watching! DH

  2. Steve says:

    What the show needs are more elements from Carolla’s Carcast. The show is shot in LA so there are tons of celebrities around. How cool would it be if they had a celebrity guest once a week, just like on Top Gear, but instead of going around a track, the celebrity brings one of the cars from their collection. It works on the podcast and you can’t even SEE the car, just hear it rev up. I agree with you that the game show aspect didn’t work. I also thought the Rolls Royce segment was cut way too short.

    Also, what the show seems to be desperately missing is their own track. Essentially, they have nowhere to mess around with the cars they’re reviewing. Every track they went to was a trip off set which down the road could be a problem.

    Otherwise, it was a pretty decent first episode. Hopefully they’re trim the fat, lengthen their good segments, and last more than one season.

  3. Agree with some of what you have said above Mike. I think you were a bit harsh on Adam Carolla I found him amusing several times.

    The game show can’t be cut out fast enough and the interview with JJ can be seen EVERYWHERE else so they can lose that as well.

    I think John Salley might fit into the cast but he’s a regular guy who is lacking when it comes to car knowledge and they have to work at fitting him in for the benefit of those in the audience that maybe in the same crowd.

    Matt & Dan Are perfect and much better then their counterparts on The History Channel not the same format but how can not compare them? I expected this from Matt but was pleasantly surprised by Dan.

    Let’s see where it goes from here but I am DEFINITELY tuning in next week and that’s something I rarely say about any car shows as most are either flat out boring sales pitches for aftermarket products or revolve around non stop NASCAR behind the scenes banter that is unwatchable.

    Glad to see you spreading the word as this could be very good.

  4. michael says:

    agree Matt was dead on and is a natural in front of camera. I have been following his website for a couple years and may be biased. I thought he would be good for top gear usa. I agree with Salley is like a fish out water and they don’t need him. I have never got Carolla and didn’t on the first show. The fat shots at Matt were not funny. Like a bully who can’t handle the conversation he starts throwing verbal jabs. Make fun of Kia or something, not your cohost. Maybe they will bounce off top gear UK after awhile. I thought it showed promise and the budget seems to be there. more cars and less game show crap though. Top Gear US Season 2 will be better and starts in a couple weeks. It takes time. Top Gear UK s1 was awful

  5. BigRuss says:

    i found it to be actually very smooth flowing… its no Top Gear (but then again the chemistry between them 3 is spot on) but it beats the hell out of Top Gear USA which tries to be funny…. Adam Carolla isnt the guy i would have picked to host but im sure hes a hell of a lot cheaper to get than Leno or Allen… Matt and Dan are a perfect team up there, both have gobs of insight and the just right mentality for tv… i loved how at the end Mr. Smoking Tire himself was trying his best to make a sensible statement about the review of the Ghost (just go buy a used Phantom no one will know the difference) and Dan just has that properness to him that you cant fake…. im actually looking forward to the rest of the season just because its in my honost opinion THE BEST AMERICAN AUTOMOTIVE SHOW on tv…. granted Top Gear USA season 2 starts soon but they dissapointed us greatly because they are tryign to copy a recipe for EPIC….

  6. Aaron says:

    IMHO don’t worry about emulating Top Gear. Just keep it natural, entertaining and throw in some knowledge for good measure. That’s my take.