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The Car Show, Episode 2: Full Steam Ahead!

Posted in Best of, General, The Car Show by MrAngry | July 21st, 2011 | 5 Responses |

The Car Show Episode 2

The reviews of last weeks premiere episode of “The Car Show” on Speed were lukewarm at best. People bitched and moaned that it wasn’t funny, that the hosts didn’t work well together and that the segments were poorly done. Personally, I disagree and went into “The Car Show” with the understanding that this was the first episode and that it would only get better over time. Well to all you naysayers out there… I was right! Last nights episode was not only well put together but fun to watch from start to finish. What you must understand is that car guys are different from everyone else. We talk differently, act differently and are generally over-the-top opinionated when it comes to all things automotive. We can also sit around for hours and bullshit about everything from carburetors to torque converters. So, why does any of this matter? Well, it matters because this is how I felt about last nights episode. You see I wanted to be part of their discussion, I wanted to teach those hot chicks how to drive a stick in an ACR Viper and I wanted to race Brian Johnson through the streets of NYC. The hosts had chemistry, they made us chuckle and at days end, they entertained us.

The Car Show Episode 2

Out of the box last nights episode just flowed. The “Zero to 60″ segment on the proposed electric Rolls Royce was quick and concise with a fun friendly conversation being had between the hosts, it also showed that John Salley is actually pretty funny. Then there was the run through NYC between Matt Farah on a Vespa, and AC/DC front man Brian Johnson in a Lamborghini down to the South Street Sea Port. Sure it was a little Top Gear-ish, but who cares? The segment worked and quite honestly, Brian Johnson is the man and a true car nut, so kudo’s to The Car Show for even being able to get him.

We then came to the educational side of the show, where our hosts tried to teach four hot chicks how to drive manuals in a Dodge Viper ACR. Honestly, I think the actual driving portion could have been longer with a little more competition and less commentary, but hey, it worked. And hell… there’s just nothing wrong with good looking ladies in a fast red sports car. The show rounded out with Dan Neil playing in a Ferrari 458 (good stuff), and interview with Dario Franchitti (he should have an Italian accent) and some funny street signs. All of this, plus the above, helped to bring together what was in my opinion, one really fun hour of automotive television.

Way to go guys… way to go.

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5 Responses

  1. BigRuss says:

    was a hell of a lot better than the first episode…. lets see if next weeks episode is any better… this was a GREAT platform….

  2. Mandingo says:

    I thought the best part of the episode was when Adam ragged on the “guy” for not removing the unfunny road sign from the show. Really made me laugh.

  3. Hell yeah! says:

    I agree! This show is entertaining as hell, a big improvement over last week.

  4. dave says:

    I thought this weeks episode was better however i disliked the fact they recycled dan neil`s segment from his show that was on speed earlier this year. Dan Neil`s Ticket to Ride and it looks like next week episode will do the same

    • BigRuss says:

      they are blowing their budget on them stupid ass trophy’s for “winning”….. just look at the original TG…. they gloat a lil after winning…