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The BOND Bike, For Those With Truly Heinous Commutes

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Do you bicycle to work in Afghanistan? Liberia? Somalia? Manhattan? Are drivers of cars constantly trying new things to kill you, and can you not leave you bike unattended for more than 15 seconds without getting it stolen? Then prepare to take notes, since I’ve got your next ride right here.

Dubbed the BOND (for Built Of Notorious Deterrents) Bike, this rolling tribute to testosterone was built by ilovemybike.uk, a British insurance company. The idea came from a survey of 800 cyclists asked to name the worst part of their daily commute. The flamethrower (which I really hope works better than the demo) is to deter aggressive drivers, while the ejection seat (which also needs a bit more thrust than the video shows) is to counter potential thieves. Let’s hope that it’s remote activated, otherwise it’s kind of pointless.

For traction in snow, the rear wheel is replaced by a caterpillar track and the front can be removed to use a single ski for steering. The caterpillar track also helps to ensure superior grip on cobblestones and pothole (or bomb crater) laden streets. Want one? You’re currently out of luck, since ilovemybike built this prototype as a one-off example. I subscribe to the philosophy that everything is for sale if the price is right, so I’m sure a deal can be cut if your bank account is large enough.

Source: The Daily Mail, via Neatorama

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