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The BMW M8 that never was…

Posted in BMW, Concept Cars, Cool Stuff, M Series by MrAngry | July 4th, 2010 | 1 Response |


I think it was early in 1991 when I saw my first BMW 840i in person. It was a sleek, low-slung wedge shaped coupe with muscular lines and truth be told, I loved it. I’m a huge fan of GT cars like the 8-series because to me, they represent everything that is great about tackling the open road. They’re front engine and rear wheel drive, tend to have a longer wheel base, handle great and just love to chew up as many miles as they can at high speed. That’s what driving is all about in my book. Released in 1989 the BMW 8-series was BMW’s flagship with a wallet-popping top of the line price tag of over $110,000. Unfortunately though it was met with mixed emotions in the United States as buyers thought that the big 8-series may have been a bit too soft for the American market.


The price tag for one was in the stratosphere and the looks just didn’t do it for some of the die-hard BMW enthusiasts. The performance was just as good as anything from Mercedes, BMW’s main rival at the time, but there were those who wanted more, they wanted an 8-series with that coveted little “M” badge on it. This however was not to be as BMW never released one to the public, that doesn’t mean however that they didn’t think about it.


What you are seeing here are photo’s of the BMW M8 prototype, a car that was all but thought to be a myth by enthusiasts. It’s the former flagship of the BMW line decked out with all the goodies from their performance based “M” division. BMWBlog.com reports that the M8 was equipped with a prototype based V12 engine producing in the neighborhood of 550 hp, even more than that of the current M5. You’ll notice that the car has a massive carbon fiber intake box, no headlights and a more aggressive front fascia. Right now that’s unfortunately all the information we have on the M8, but make no mistake, as soon as we know more we’ll post it up so make sure to stay tuned.

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  1. Shane says:

    The E31 wasn’t released until 1990 and there was no 840Ci in 1991