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The Blastolene Story – DRIVE Network

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Blastolene Deco-liner

Skill and imagination are wonderful things aren’t they? I mean if you have imagination, but no skill, you’re kinda’ screwed. And if you have skill but no imagination, well, you may wind up building bird houses or something like that for the rest of your life. However, if you possess both of these traits AND your name happens to be Randy Grubb, well then the odds of you building some of the coolest mobile creations in existence are pretty damn good. You see Randy is the founder of Blastolene, the one man company that brought us the likes of Jay Leno’s Tank Car and Piss’d Off Pete, the one-off and fully ridiculous hot-rod that features a 12v71 Detroit Diesel with two 671 superchargers – yeah, it’s cool. Recently though Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire and DRIVE’s “Tuned” had a little visit with Randy to check out his latest creation, the Deco-Liner, a vehicle that Walt Disney and Doctor Seuss would both be very proud of.

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