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The Birth Of A Concept Car: The Mercedes Concept A-Class

Posted in Car Buying, Mercedes Benz, Videos by Kurt Ernst | October 15th, 2011 | 1 Response |

The Mercedes Benz Concept A Class has been given a green light for production. Don’t expect the A Class that hits showrooms to be quite as wild as the A Class you see in the You Tube video below, since concepts are built without regards to cost or even function. Still, the A-Class may be the most significant Mercedes-Benz to hit these shores in a long, long, time. Why? Because it’s edgy, not conservative, and it’s aimed at a much broader audience that previous Mercedes models. That’s a politically correct way of saying that it will be cheaper, too.

I think the new A Class will be a huge hit for Mercedes Benz in the United States. It’s the right size (think VW Golf), it’s versatile, it’s got fresh styling and it’s got the diamond star halo. The trick will be pricing it right; it can’t be on par with a Volkswagen, but on the other hand it can’t be more expensive than an Audi A3 in base form. Get the price right, and I’m guessing that Mercedes-Benz will sell all the A Class models they can build.

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