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The Biggest Causes Of In-Car Arguments For Couples

Posted in driving, Lists by Kurt Ernst | July 24th, 2011 | 4 Responses |

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Let’s face it: if you drive with your significant other in the car, sooner or later you’re going to piss each other off. Maybe it’s the whole enclosed-space thing, or the men are from Mars and women aren’t thing, but in any case, you can plan on an argument sooner or later.

A recent study from the UK documented the most common causes of in-car arguments for couples, and although the data reflects British drivers, I’d say it applies to drivers on this side of the pond as well. In fact, I don’t think I’d even change the order of the list, which just goes to show that the Americans and British are more alike than we think (except for the British driving on the wrong side of the road, that is).

Most Common Causes of In-Car Arguments Between Couples

Driving too fast – 22.7%
Getting directions wrong – 18%
None of the above – 15.9%
Tailgating – 13.3%
Aggressive driving – 11.8%
Parking – 5.1%
Choice of music – 4.7%
Driving too slow – 4.6%
Children fighting in back – 3.9%

Source: Carscoop

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4 Responses

  1. djrosa says:

    now that sounds about right although with my ex the arguments where more like

    her driving
    choice of music (90%) she liked abba and i think they suck
    her not seing things like small kids running into the road (10%)
    me driving
    speed (50%) i sometimes tend to drive to fast
    music (30%) she didn’t like 80’s metallica (strangely she was fine with 90’s metallica
    me doing embarrasing things like turning up the volume and throwing the horns into the air (20%)

  2. Me and my ex fought about

    – Him taking my car out without asking me
    – Him telling other people that my car was his (so he can look cool and impress other people)
    -Once he got mad and threw my blackberry at my car but nothing broke
    -Broke the cup holder of my car but I never fixed it because it cost like $400 to replace. It’s not completely broken; it works, just a section of it is broken.
    -Likes to start fights with other people when driving my car (and me sitting in the passenger seat). Like if there are guys next to us he would be like “What are you looking at?!” and then speed up.

  3. Bob says:

    Driving too fast – 22.7%
    Aggressive driving – 11.8%

    Those two are the typical ones for me!

  4. Velocity in Stereo says:

    Getting critiques from a significant other, who doesn’t have a car or license.