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The Bentley Continental GT gets another boost of Speed in 2008

Posted in Bentley, Design, Fast Cars by will bee | August 2nd, 2007 | 2 Responses |

Bentley Continental GT Speed

Is it possible that the engineers and execs at Bentley were feeling a little down-trodden that they have been left out of the 200 club for so long? I mean, come-on. The only people who could deny Bentley entry into the illustrious club is Bentley themselves. Should they not get some sort of honorary acceptance for measuring out a top speed of 198-mph?
With the 2008 Continental GT Speed Bentley will be ending its denial and slipping just inside the door at 203-mph. Finally, an entrant that can bring some Grey Pupon for those dry sandwiches (Yes, I know that it is a Rolls Royce in the commercials. Deal with it.).

Bentley Continental Speed GTTo gain that extra 5-mph leap some adjustments needed to be made. Bentley increased air flow into the engine compartment and straightened the angle of the radiator to a more upright position. They then lowered the front end of the car 3/10ths of an inch and the rear end a half inch, and paired them up with tighter suspension components. With those changes and with new ECU computer programing Bentley was able to juice another 50-hp out of the Continentals engine to reach 602-hp out of the Speeds twin-turbo 12-Cylinder.
The results of those modifications and the 602-hp are a zero-to-sixty time of 4.3 seconds, a 50-to -70 time of 2.3 seconds and a top speed that now gets Bentley invited to all the swank parties. Oh the misery and utter embarrassment of being shunned at 198-mph. Nothing a little 50-hp therapy could not mend so it seems.

Source[autoweek, caranddriver]

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  2. Uncle B says:

    Where in the free world can you go 200+ mph, and why in hell would anyone want to? Here at the end of the fossil fuel age, we still have some old fossils to get rid of don’t we?