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The Bavarian Experience Teaser

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Bavarian Experience

Some say that BMW perfected the sports sedan over 40 years ago, and that all that have followed are just imitators. Their cars have set trends, won championships and influenced design decisions all over the world, as the Bavarian manufacturer has always managed to blend class and elegance with performance and power. Petrolicious.com has just released this teaser video and the following statement:

Throughout the month of June we will dedicate much of our time and resources to bringing you Bavaria’s best, from insightful owner interviews, stories, original photography, fascinating and untold anecdotes, factory advertising, and of course, our trademark video profiles. Stay tuned; it’s going to be an exciting month.

An exciting month indeed…

Source: Petrolicious.com

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One Response

  1. wewillywinky says:

    yea there nice to look at but all start to fall apart about 125k