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The Bahrain International Motor Show: Party in the High Desert

Posted in General by Vito Rispo | August 1st, 2008 | Leave a Reply |

The Persian Gulf coast of the Middle East is the place to be these days. Dubai and Bahrain are both flush with the cash of many many rich Europeans and Americans, which is helping to feed the explosive growth and interest in the area. It’s the new Las Vegas, but not because of gambling – it’s the atmosphere. Bright lights and dry heat and an undercurrent of real danger. And, of course, masses of the very wealthy.

I’m already on my third “Learn Arabic Quickly” audio tape. I need to get out there.

Bahrain is particularly appealing this year because of the Bahrain International Motor Show (BIMS) they have planned in October. It’ll be the debut of all the latest high performance machines from auto and engine makers Ruf Automotive and Jaguar and Pankl Racing Systems and Lamborghini – the Gallardo LP560 and Murciélago LP 640 will be there – and everyone who’s anyone in the automotive business.

Dr. Hassan A. Fakhro, Minister of Industry & Commerce and the Chairman of the Board of BECA (The Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Authority) said “BIMS is shaping up to be a hallmark event for the Kingdom of Bahrain with it’s unique exhibits of production, classic, concept, and performance cars across different brands and it’s timely significance…It’s inaugural launch in October coincides with the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr, enabling thousands of car enthusiasts and families to visit the show at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Center (BIEC).”

The Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Center will apparently have more than 150,000 square feet of free exhibit space set up for the exhibitors. It’s going to be huge. It should be a high-class, epic party out in the desert. I need to find a way to get invited, all expenses paid of course.

The BIMS website

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