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The Armored Limousine Service; When a Hummer Limo Isn’t Enough.

Posted in Bizarre, Luxury Cars, Pop Culture, Trucks by Corey | January 31st, 2010 | 1 Response |

Limousine Services have been getting more creative in the era of downsizing, but this particular company may have found a new niche, Armored Limousines. The Armored Limousine Service Inc., a company located within the Dallas Texas Metro Area, offers a service in which their clients enjoy being DIFFERENT & STYLISH with a sense of SECURITY. The “Limousine” is, in all reality, a stretched Armored Car, the type that is used to transport valuables between banks, that has been up-fitted with your typical, over-the-top party limo interior, complete with two-toned leather, neon and strobe lights, and a retractable stripped pole from the ceiling.

According to the companies website, “The Armored Limousine Service, Inc. is the only company in the Soutwest United States that is 100% BULLET PROOF to provide “Safety at its Finest”, with a touch of ELEGANCE & CLASS.” The Vehicles are appropriately called “The Vault XXL2″ and “The Vault XXL4″. These “Limos” feature some unusual items, to distinguish them from other vehicles showing up at a red carpet event, including aluminum tread-plate, roof strobe light bar, large chrome lettering, and my favorite accessory, gun ports located along the sides of the “Party Barge”, just in case you want to mow down some unruly peasants while on your way to an event.

Some of the clients include Dallas Football Star Terrell Owens, and reality TV (and Sex Tape) Star Kim Kardashian. This proves that when in Texas, nothing succeeds like excess. I guess you have to have a limo big enough to contain the ego of the so called stars.

Source: The Armored Limousine Service, Inc.

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  1. private says:

    Yes it may be eligant but not for their employees who can’t pay for Labor cost!