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The Aquada High Speed Amphibian: Possible Marketing Slogan “Because You Can”

Posted in Cars, Concept Cars, Design by Suzanne Denbow | July 28th, 2008 | 1 Response |

In 2009, British company Gibbs Technology will be satisfying that insatiable hunger North America has been feeling ever since witnessing Dick Van Dyke putter around in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang [Tangent Alert: I personally can immediately think of at least 2 dirty ways to edit “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”, what about you? ]. First on Gibbs’ to do list: Introduce the Aquada, an open-top 3-seater currently touted as the world’s first High Speed Amphibian [HAS] vehicle.

As the name implies, the Aquada is capable of superior performance both on land and in the water, featuring a 24-valve V6 175-horsepower engine and five speed automatic transmissions…presumably, both waterproof. According to the spec sheet, the Aquada is capable of speeds in excess of 30mph on the water, and 100mph on land and can complete the vehicle-to-boat transformation in about 12 seconds.

  Although Gibbs Tech. has plans to push the Aquada in the American recreational vehicle market, Aquada’s target demographic will probably wind up being the upper-most tax bracket. At $85,000, it’s too expensive for the just-looking-for-something-to-water-ski with crowd.

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  1. Vito Rispo says:

    My new favorite title of a post.
    The Aquada Amphibian: Because You Can!