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The American Eagle Flies Again: Louis “Rocket” Re

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There is no question that Louis “Rocket” Re is a bit on the crazy side. I mean anyone that wants to emulate famed stunt icon Evel Knievel would have to be, right? Re has not only followed in Knievel’s footsteps, but he’s even attempting the same exact stunts on the same antiquated equipment that Evel used all those years ago. Case in point; his 1970 Laverda 750 American Eagle motorcycle. Keep in mind that this bike wasn’t that great from the factory, so attempting to jump it is well, suicide. Re’s philosophy though is simple as he states, “Most people are scared to follow their dreams. They had rather keep those dreams back in their minds and say: “Well – maybe someday.” And usually that someday doesn’t happen.”

This is something we simply can’t argue with. Click through for the video.

Source: RalfBecker.com

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