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The all new Fiat 500 coming to the states

Posted in Fiat by davidallen | April 25th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Fiat will be sending to the states the newly designed Fiat 500. The car which is due to be launched some time in July this year is really considered as an iconic Italian small car but in its original form never really managed to crack other markets, but now is the era of the small car and therefore the time is now right for worldwide marketing.


The company are not looking to send the little cars over to the states right away, as they probably need to fill orders for the European market first, so it is believed that the estimated time of arrival for the Fiat 500 will be early 2010 sounds a long way off, but in that time the desire too own the latest little car will grow.


The cars will be built in Poland, where Fiat has had a base for some time. Details of the cars are still in the early stages, but it is believed that one of the models will include a special Arbath version, which will be producing a massive 150 bhp, for such a small car that is something very special indeed.


For Fiat there are exciting times ahead with the launch of the 500, we can expect some exciting media coverage when the car finally hit’s the road.

Source [Top Speed]

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