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The 50 Most Famous Cars Of All Time – Page 5

Posted in General by Ryan | August 3rd, 2008 | 156 Responses |

41. 2003 Mini Cooper S [R53]

Where It’s From: The Italian Job [2003] film

Claim to Fame:These little cars packed supercharged, 1.6L Tritect engines that made for some surprinsingly intense chase scenes.

42. 1967 Ford Shelby GT350

Where It’s From: The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift [2006] film

Claim to Fame: This custom ’68 Mustang made the Top 50 list because it illustrates one of the worst, most tragic custom jobs ever performed on-screen on a Mustang since the birth of motion pictures. Although described as a Shelby Cobra Mustang GT-350 , the ’68-’67 GT350’s and GT500’s all have front grill openings, valences, and hoods that don’t even remotely resemble the “Shelby” in Tokyo Drift. Additionally, although the stunt cars in the movie used the 302 Windsor V8, the storyline of the movie involved swapping the Shelby’s engine with a Nissan RB26DETT. Oh, the humanity.

43. 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS

Where It’s From: Magnum PI [1980-1988] television series

Claim to Fame: The mid-engine V8 Ferrari featured in the original series [replaced later with 1981 and 1984 model years, respectively], the huge popularity of the show coupled with the gorgeous, amazing performance of the 255-hp GTS started a tidal wave of sales for Ferrari in the 80’s.

44. 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Car

Where It’s From: Batman [1966-1968] television series

Claim to Fame:With Mickey Thompson’s sitting pretty in the back and a Ford Galaxie engine and trans under the hood, the bullet-proof, justice-bringing Batmobile was even cool with Robin riding shotgun.

45. 1975 Mercury Marquis Brougham

Where It’s From: Uncle Buck [1989] film

Claim to Fame: We love Uncle Buck’s Marquis because it’s one of those POS cars that would survive a nuclear Holocaust and apparently thrives on engine sludge the same way a MacLaren thrives on premium fuel.

46. 1964 Lincoln Continental

Where It’s From: Animal House [1978] film

Claim to Fame: The custom job from hell and the college road trip everybody remembers. Well I mean, sort-of remembers..those were some crazy times, man.

47. 2054 Lexus CS

Where It’s From: Minority Report [2002]

Claim to Fame:Lexus’ concept car. When RideLust is nearing pension age, we’ll be seen motoring off to the Social Security Office in this sick, futuristic CS.

48. 1972 Bedford CF

Where It’s From:Scooby-Doo [2002] film

Claim to Fame: The Mystery Machine, the only van on the planet that can give honest competition to the Partridge family’s tour bus in the “Most Psychedelic Van” category.

49. 1921 Oldsmobile Model 46

Where It’s From: The Beverly Hillbillies [1993] film

Claim to Fame:Not an especially well-known ride, and really only lust-able in certain West Virginian circles, the Clampett-mobile makes the Top 50 list simply for the monster truck customizations made by Jethro.

50. 1982 Ford Bronco XLT

Where It’s From: Romancing The Stone [1984] film

Claim to Fame: Pepe “The Mule”, the drug-running 4 x4 with a V8 engine and the apparent ability to score bigger air then the General Lee.

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156 Responses

  1. Jonny says:

    Ok I never comment on these things, and it was a cool list but…The only Bond cars were from Die Another Day, and you referenced the DB5 to Gumball Rally and not Goldfinger.

    The White Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved Me” should be here, it turned into a freaking submarine!

  2. Cdro says:

    Ok fair list with some nice touches that were deviations from the norm (uncle buck for example)… but you missed one that should have been in the top 5. I dont care that you listed 2 bond cars, jags suck. What about the Aston Martin DB9 from Goldfinger with a passenger ejector seat? Cmon!

  3. slicklock says:

    I’m one of those 3 people that can tell a 58 Plymouth Fury from a Belvedere.. but you’re absolutely right. First off.. it was just a movie, and 58 Belvederes were hard enough to find even 20 years ago.. let alone a real Fury model. King was an asshole anyway. I don’t know why he picked a car for the story he didn’t know shit about.. or was so arrogant as to even do a little research. I cringed when he referred to the column shift in the book “Christine”. Anyone who has ever driven an old Chrysler product knows they used a push-button automatic from the mid-fifties to early sixties.

  4. Pontiac Pete says:


    You missed two others from Two-Lane Black Top–could have a two for one.

    1970 Pontiac GTO Judge (Warrend Oates)

    1955 Chevy (James Taylor)

  5. mike says:

    what about the audi from iRobot?

  6. shoosh35 says:

    Munsters Dragula? Colt Seavers (Fall Guy) Pickup?

  7. inkrotmt says:

    What about Steve Urkel’s BMW Isetta from “Family Matters”?

  8. Andy Resnick says:

    The Lotus Seven S II from “The Prisoner” doesn’t make the list?

  9. Ken says:

    Huge miss on Bond’s Aston Martin in Goldfinger. Anyone alive in the 60s would have that in the top 5.

  10. Omar Hernandez says:

    What about the ol’ Dodge from Married with Children? That’s OG!

  11. bowers says:

    What about the Reliant Regal Supervan III (a.k.a The Three Wheeler) that Mr. Bean always screws over in a bunch of different episodes???

  12. bowers says:

    P.S It’s McLaren

  13. Dan says:

    Well, since the Mystery Machine was included, then I would have put Speed Racer’s Mach 5 in there somewhere.

  14. rikster says:

    The original film of ‘The Italian Job’ would be a better choice with the original Mini Cooper ‘S’ cars…

  15. Kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel you were, trying to make it to 50, and yet you didn’t include Steve McQueen’s #20 Porsche 917K from “Le Mans”.
    Shame on you.

  16. DominusOminous says:

    What! No mention of the ’69 Charger or ’66 Impala from Dirty Mary Crazy Larry? Unthinkable.

  17. martin says:

    The Dude’s Torino from The Big Lebowski?

  18. chief says:

    No mention of the 1964 Chevy Malibu from Repo Man – a film all about cars? C’mon!

  19. Ruud says:

    too bad the car from: “dude where’s my car wasnt in it”

  20. Initial D says:

    What happened to the Toyota AE86 Trueno from Initial D?? I’m pretty sure that’s incredibly more famous then most cars on this list

  21. Lynn says:

    Hey…Watch that “Plymouth” comment. Three enthusiasts? Come on now!! There must be at least four or five of us.

  22. murbike says:

    You forgot the 1967 Camaro from ‘Better Off Dead’

  23. Wraithfan says:

    How about the movie “The Wraith”? Heck, the entire movie centered around the car, set to a rockin soundtrack!

  24. Jack says:

    The original mini from The Bourne Identity belongs on the list for its part in one of the best car chase scenes of all time.

  25. Moon says:

    Austin Powers’ cars?

  26. Jacob says:

    Very biased and typically Amercian of the past few decades. Where is the “Spyker” from the famous movie Genevieve; where is Mr. Bean’s original “Mini”; where is the “Peugeot” from the French detective TV series;what car did “The Saint” drive?

    It appears that every Amercian movie must have a car chase. As a result, no wonder there are fewer traffic accidents in most European countries.

  27. latham says:

    a few to list, the chevy from deathproof, the electric mayhem bus from the muppets and that retarded dog-car from dumb and dumber.

  28. Chris says:

    There’s the corvette from Corvette Summer also

  29. Jester says:

    Too many new movie cars that haven’t earned their stripes . . . and “Uncle Buck”? Seriously, did anyone take special notice of that car?

    How about the Cheech and Chong Weed wagon? Surely it ranks higher than Uncle Buck or some other obscure T.V. shows . . .

  30. Anon. says:

    Great list, but I must agree with Jonny in the 1st comment — your James Bond selections are pretty strange.

    Anyway, as for missing cars… my contribution is the ’64 Malibu with the aliens in the trunk from Repo Man.

  31. Little C says:

    lot’s of american cars, ok, can live with that, but bullet’s mustang should be higher; much cooler car then you credit it.
    and i miss the peugeot from Taxi (the original from france 1998).

  32. sztewe says:

    WoooW nice collection

  33. Andre says:

    And the Peugeot cabrio from Columbo?

  34. Big D says:

    What about “My Mom The Car”?!? (ok, just kidding ;)
    What was the movie with Sylvester Stallone where he was frozen and then later thawed out to catch Wesley Snipes? There was an absolute cherry 1970 Olds Cutlass 4-4-2 in there that rocked!!

  35. lazymessiah says:

    Would have loved to have seen …the Dragula , Al Bundys dodge and Ford Fairlaines ford Fairlaine… cool list though!!!

  36. J. Mayfield says:

    Didn’t see the car from Hardcastle and McCormick. The COYOTE.

    The ‘Coyote’ was a kit-car for the pilot and first two seasons. It was in actuality a ‘Manta Montage’, a fairly popular kit car available at the time. There were a couple of minor body modifications to disguise it, but it is plain to see what it really is.

    It was powered by the new-at-the-time Chevy 2.8L V-6, which was a fairly sophisticated engine for it’s time. This is the same engine that came in the Chevy Citation X-11.

    Brian Kieth, being as overweight as he was, clearly found it next to impossible to climb in and out of the Coyote easily and the scenes were filmed in such a way that this was not emphasized.

    The last season of the show, a ‘DeLorean’ DMC-12, the infamous stainless-steel, gull-winged sports car from John DeLorean was heavily modified to resemble the original coyote as close as possible. The heavy gull-wing doors were removed completely, and lots of fiberglass bodywork was created to disguise the fact that this was a completely different, much larger car. Mr. Kieth could more easily get in and out of it, so that was one big reason they switched.

    Side by Side, the differences between the original ‘Coyote’ and the DeLorean-based model were clearly obvious, and when the show used existing footage of the original Coyote interspersed with newer footage of the DeLorean-based model, the continuity of the episode was shot all to hell!

  37. latham says:

    also the pussy wagon from kill bill

  38. sieperman says:

    Just like Mike sayd, I dont see the audi RSQ from I-Robot.

  39. martinho says:

    kd a colosus? a carreta da super-maquina?

  40. MichaelS says:

    Eric Foreman’s (That 70’s Show) 1968 Vista Cruiser and Jethro’s original (Beverly Hillbillies) truck. Actually, I think it belonged to cousin Pearl.

  41. Dino says:

    You missed off loads!

    what about the 2CV from Bond? Definitely not worth lusting after!

  42. Snyper says:

    And the Sylvester Stallone – COBRA ??

    That car was awesome !!

  43. Scott says:

    Wow, great cars listed, but WAAAAY too many classics missed. And the greatest crime committed- making the ’66 Batmobile 44th! What were they smoking?!? It is absolutely the #1 recognized car in the world, and they don’t even have it listed over the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty (great car, great show, but not Bat-caliber)???

    Holy mind-boggling bungles, Batfans …

  44. jonas says:

    Idont know what u say but i dont think the list is complet. most of the cars in the list i didnt even remember from the movies. Cars like Christine (1958 Plymouth Fury) , Cobras car (Modified 1950 Mercury), didnt even ended up on the list. That is what i call famous cars that u remember. So plz put them up on the list 4 god sake…

  45. frodobus says:

    you forgot columbo’s car

  46. As mentioned, Columbo’s car is a severe miss as would be Jim Rockford’s Firebird. That car saw a sales spike up during Rockford’s run. I also agree in Jerry Van Dyke’s “Mom’. Also the jeep in ‘Rat Patrol’. Unless I missed it, the terrible miss is the Corvette Milner and Maharis drove in ‘Route 66′.

    Too many too young people making easy guesses. It is certainly disappointing to see reference to really bad forgettable films like ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ and ‘Uncle Buck’.

    As also mentioned, the Batmobile, Magnum’s car, Rockford’s car and Bond’s Aston Martin would be at least in the top ten based on sales, impact on the general population and those still in most people’s memories. I guess if this list was assembled by the same folks in the mid-’80s it would have included ‘Simon and Simon’s Powerwagon.

  47. Hoover says:

    … Harold & Maude: the modified black Jaguar E-Type …

  48. Alex says:


    Columbo’s Peugeot must be here,
    and the Citroen from Fantomas.
    I don’t remember the K-911 Mustang on the list also…

  49. dopysloth says:

    And where is columbo’s Peugeot?

  50. Renato says:

    I personally liked the 1965 Corvette Stingray drove by Nick Mancuso in the short-lived TV series “Stingray”.

    And, c’mooooooon… the Mistery Machine!!!! It doesn’t deserve to be there.

  51. FilthPig says:

    What about the Monkeemobile (1966 GTO convertible)?
    Or perhaps the two cars from The Munsters?

  52. Viper9913 says:

    I am disappointed in the lack of classic Bond cars, the DB5 needs to be there, without that nod it feels wrong. It was one of the first cars that became truly famous from a movie, and one of the best known.

  53. Bird Brain says:

    the list is incomplete without Mad Max’s Interceptor

  54. GenuineNerd says:

    Also, the Yugo, which was in “Drowning Mona” (in which almost everybody drove a Yugo, except for Danny DeVito, who drove a Dodge Omni…also the taxi-yellow Yugo in “Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist”.

  55. GenuineNerd says:

    And the 1972 Cadillac Sedan Deville that Corey Haim drove in “License To Drive”.

  56. GenuineNerd says:

    The little green car that Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott drove in “Dude, Where’s My Car” was a Renault LeCar.

  57. Bruce says:

    How could you leave off the 1989 Batmobile or the current Tumbler from Batman Begins?

    What about the Shelby concept used in xXx 2?

  58. Thomas says:

    What the hell bro? No Volkswagen Bug?

    The ORIGINAL Bumblebee!



  59. andie says:

    wot about del boys robin relient or starsky and hutch mean machine

  60. nbcviper says:

    Did the guy who made this have his eyes closed? What about: Cobra 1993, VIPER!!!! (1994-1999), Cobra movie, The car 1977, Dirty Mary Crazy larry….. Jeez.

  61. Si558 says:

    How about the ’73 Mustang Mach1 from the original Gone in 60 seconds, and i agree that the 1960’s Mini Coopers from the ‘proper’ Italian Job are far better than the latter ones.
    How about the TVR Tuscan in both Swordfish and Looney Tunes Back in Action.

  62. Si558 says:

    How about Lara Croft’s Land Rover Defender from Tomb Raider

  63. Arthur (from Brazil) says:

    I agree, I think that the car from “Stallone Cobra” is much more famous than the Mustang from The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

    or even the car from “Addams Family”

    but the list was a good trying

  64. Arthur (from Brazil) says:

    I agree, I think that the car from “Stallone Cobra” is much more famous than the Mustang from The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift

    The Mini Cooper of “Mr. Bean” is more famous than the ones from “Italian Job”

    or even the car from “Addams Family”

    And only another thing: who needs the black Charger from “The Fast anh The Furious” when you have THE Charger from “The Dukkes of Hazzard”???

    but the list was a good trying

  65. DHILL says:

    Wot? Nothing from “Two lane blacktop”

    The 55 chevy or the GTO should be on the list

  66. CeQuattro says:

    what happen with Audi RSQ :s ???

  67. phillip taylor says:

    You picked the wrong Italian job. The amazing car chase between the Mini Coopers and their little Italian rivals was absolutely legendary. It puts the new version of the Italian job to shame.

  68. Keith says:

    This list definitely needs retooled…Seriously, ‘Most Famous Cars’ need to have fame. I was looking for Stallones Cobra car for the entire list. And I hate to say it, but Big Foot and Gravedigger would deserve spots in the top 25. You can’t deny their fame.

  69. DynaMow says:

    Well good list, thank you. I really enjoyed it.

    But I think you missed a biggie…………That car from the movie Warriors!

  70. DynaMow says:

    Oh and that car Patrick Swayze drove in Roadhouse

  71. pramod says:

    i like a ford gt350

  72. bob kane says:

    where is hawaii 5-0 black mercury (12 yr tv cars) & robert mitchem’s 57 ford (thunder road)

  73. John says:

    Is this list a joke?

    A new mini and a ford bronco?

  74. Jonny says:

    Wow, not even the correct Mystery Machine. Movie or not, crappy knock off. This needs to be re-titled “The 50 cars I like from movies.” Definitely not most famous by any means.

  75. Katy says:

    Surely the sleek black ’67 Chevy Impala (dubbed “Mettalicar” by its adoring fans), and undoubtedly the “third co-star” of Supernatural (the best show on TV), should be included in this list?

  76. Keith says:

    Ummmm….the camaro from “Better Off Dead” isn’t on this list??? Sad….

  77. Glenn says:

    Great list, but I just watched The Fast And the Furious (1955 version) and I would include the 1954 Jaguar XK 120 which was the star of that film.

  78. Anony says:

    This is a horrendous list. The 454/M-22-powered primer gray ’55 Chevrolet 150 from Two-Lane Blacktop should always find itself in the top three – though truthfully should always be #1. The orbit-orange ’70 GTO (and no, it wasn’t a Judge) should also make an appearance on any such list. I don’t recall seeing Falfa’s ’55 Chevrolet from American Graffiti, either. Lots of questionable inclusions as well. For example, a real gear head would never have that f-king Ghostbusters mobile on his/her list either! Cars like that are only popular with non-car idiots. What the hell!

  79. Dark says:

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for gods sake!!

  80. Scorpio says:

    Where that 87 mustang gt 5.0 from meance 2 society?

  81. Lee says:

    The top 50 cars are cool and bring back great memories. I would have added the Munster’s car, too.

  82. Mark says:

    What about the Pie Wagon from Hollywood Knights. Also what about the blown yellow 57 Chevy Tony Danza drove in that movie too? What was it called “Project X”

  83. Michelle says:

    You forgot OJ’s Bronco!!!! lol!

  84. Liam McMurrough says:

    Is this a list of the 50 most famous cars of all time or the eclectic taste of that of the writer of this article ? Was rather disapointed not to see the Aston Martin of Sean Connery’s ‘Goldfinger’ – A car that remains fresh in my memory almost 50 years after seeing that film.

  85. deKub says:

    HAHA everybody forgot about the blown ’57 Chevy in Fastlane Fever

  86. Omiga says:

    Where are the classic MINIs featured in The italian job, Bourne identity, Mister Bean…???

  87. Dude486 says:

    Well clearly you missed several cars. And you even got some wrong.
    Walkers 1995 dodge ram was way more popular then the chevy. Nice try though.

  88. anthony says:

    THE Wraith car, columbos car, Stallones COBRA Has to be in!

  89. Nate says:

    Ineresting choices! I think the fans have a lot of good ideas. A car isn’t famous because it’s in a movie, it’s famous when it’s the star! Bandit, Batmobile, General Lee, but Elenor first place? On the list, but ya gotta compare one 2 hour movie, verses 5-6 seasons of episodes or multiple movies and shows! Fun list, I have to go find a few cars now…. check out the ones I have all ready at http://www.starcarcentral.com!

  90. Clay says:

    i think that the land rover from “the gods must be crazy” should be on the list. but i’m biased as a former owner of a similar vehicle.

  91. Wickman says:

    WHERE is “Il tempo gigante”!?

  92. Andy Linton says:

    What about 80’s TV’s Fall Guy, Lee Majors help make his GMC Pickup famous for jumping/ incredible stunts! Hey, if you’re gonna mention Chuck Norris…

    Next: What about 80’s TV’s Hardcastle and McCormick and the Coyote X, a variation of a Delorean?

    Lastly, what about the ’68 Plymouth Barracuda driven by Jim Caviezel in The Highwaymen?

  93. Vernon says:

    Really? No VW Beetle from Austin Powers fame? No Lamborghini Countach from Cannonball Run Fame? That car freakin’ SKIPPED ON WATER! No Stalones car from the movie COBRA or the SUV from his movie Tango & Cash? No Ford Bronco from OJ Simpson fame? No Camaro from Beter Off Dead Fame? No Audi concept from I Robot? Al Bundy’s Dodge? The Batmobile from the Michael Keaton batman movie?! I hate to say it but this list is an epic fail. Per page, there is probably only 3 cars of note and the rest filler. As if the writer of this article just was not a movie/tv fan.

  94. Tyler says:

    I think Chuck Norris had a dodge ram as well in Walker Texas Ranger :)

  95. Rick says:

    One car I dint see was the bigfoot truck from take this job and shove it. This car made cameos in other movies and tv shows.

  96. mark says:

    WHAT THE F_ _ _ _ ,. no James Bond Aston Martin, a gumball rally Aston Martin, REALLY ?

  97. SAL says:

    Dude, SERIOUSLY!? Do you live in a cave? Like Vernon said, the whole list is an epic fail, there is really only 20 notable cars, and half of those you listed from worse movies, and all of them are in the wrong order!

    http://www.ridelust.com/the-50-most-famous-cars-of-all-time/ —> http://www.ridelust.com/my-favorite-50-cars-from-tv/

    P.S. The bluth family’s stair truck!

  98. Mark says:

    #44 was the batmobile. The title of this article was “50 most famous cars of all time”. I am sorry but honestly the Batmobile is the most famous car of all time. How can anyone say otherwise. Look at how long this comic book icon has lasted and how long it’s going to last. Everyone know the batmobile. This article doesn’t necessarily have to be about actual manufactured autos. The title is most famous “cars” The batmobile through all of it’s variations are not manufacturable, but they are classified as a car.
    So the Batmobile is #1 the most famous car of all time.

  99. Allen says:

    Gee The munster mobile, television version of of the beverly hilbillies truck, James Deans porche, or willies bus from Honeysuckle rose. None of these were on the list.

  100. Bruno Pacheco says:

    Heyyyy, what’s wrong with you, why do not put the Porche of James Jean and the Supernatural Impala

  101. cota says:

    How ’bout the weiner mobile… Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner !!!

  102. OLD RLB says:

    How about the 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertable in the movie Rainman??? also, 1957 Chevrolet Bel Aire driven by Patrick Swayze in the movie Dirty Dancing???

  103. Zeke says:

    Are you f-in kidding me?! No single mention of the Autocar A64 semi-truck Sly Stallone drove in “Over the Top”!? One scene features the tough ole gal bustin through a gate, a fountain and then his father in law’s house. I nearly cried in the end when he won the arm wrestling tournament and the keys to a shiny new White.

  104. Johnny Blaze22 says:

    I guess everyone has forgot the crazy modified tahoe from Tango & Cash that truck was sick !!! and of all the hot cars in the fast and furious u picked only the 70 charger ??? shame on u, the hottest car in that whole series was the Nissan Skyline !!!! And to mention a few other misses, the sanford and son chevy pick up, the white testarossa from miami vice, as well as Tubbs’s clean ass drop top caddy from miami vice, and where the hell was speed racers mach5 ???? u tellin me freakin scooby doo’s ride made it but not the mach5 ????, Jim Rockford’s firebird, and one of the biggest misses of all…… the beautiful Buick Regal from Training Day, that car showcased California custom cars to the fullest !!!! And it had a major part in the movie, how it was missed baffles me !!!

  105. DMVSUXX says:

    Interesting list but it was missing a few cars, like the Viper from Viper, or the Chrysler 300c from Daybreak. The cadillac f22 from the island, The Licoln LTD from men in black, The pink mary kay cadillacs The batmobile and chitty chitty bang bang Oh and the BMW M3 from Need for speed most wanted

  106. DMVSUXX says:

    Oh one more thing yellow cab

  107. Gary Tucker says:

    thank God someone mentioned the Jag from Harold and Maude.
    The two “concept” cars from “The Great Race”??

  108. Matt says:

    Dude, how can any1 4get the Ecto-1? That car wasn’t #1, but it shoulda made the list.

  109. Sam says:

    Awesome list there. You just cannot argue with it; – original Batmobile – classic.
    Though, it would be nice to see the Ferrari 250 GTO from 1967-1969 – the £10m+ models; The Ferrari Enzo and the Ferrari F50. Also, was kind of hoping there’d be the MkIV Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo, it’s a Japanese iconic car; powerful, fast and looks beautiful.
    And what about the Lamborghini Countach LP5000? That’s stunning.

  110. sequel2 says:

    Jim Rockford’s Pontiac Firebird Esprit.
    Maxwell Smart’s Sunbeam Tiger.

  111. don says:

    Are you Kidding me ,44 ,The batmobile is #44 .IT WILL ALWAYS BE #1.

  112. Romy Jones says:

    Good list but no Monkees GTO or Prisoner Lotus is almost indecent.

  113. No Monkeemobile or Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang? Proof that an amateur spewed this UNOFFICIAL list.

    The Charlie’s Angels Cobra II deserves to be in there. Farrah Fawcett and Cheryl Ladd’s car on the show. It’s more recognized than HALF of the cars on your list. I know, because I own one. Every show I go to someone recalls it from the show.

  114. Tony B says:

    Robert Urich’s 66 Mustang from Spencer For Hire??? Batmobile needed to be #1 or #2 with the General Lee tied for top honors. Rockford’s Firebird Esprit? Lee Major’s Truck from the Fall Guy? Mark Hamill’s Corvette from Corvette Summer? The 67 Camaro driven/stolen by Ron Howard in Eat My Dust (Yeah I know a crappy B movie by still funny at times)

  115. Jon C says:

    If we are talking about classic cars of the movies I think you need to add the Isotta-Fraschini limo that was used in the 1950 movie “Sunset Boulevard”. It even became part of the story when they had DeMille wanting it for another movie. It is an absolutly perfect example of the excesses that occured early in the histry of Hollywood.

  116. LEWIS STRAUB says:


  117. The Chosen One says:

    Where is Brandons beautiful Springtime Yellow Mustang Convertible from the Beverly Hills 90210 series? Alot of these cars don’t even belong on this list.

  118. MK says:

    Great list, I know all these car lovers will say they want to add more or use others but I won’t get into that. Although I will say my one sub-in. Walker Texas Rangers GMC Sierra, I believe should be the inspiration to Walker – Lone Wolf McQuade and his 1983 Dodge Ramcharger w/street charger supercharger and 360 V8.
    But that’s my two cents.

  119. Bonnie says:

    I always loved the Jeepers Creepers 60 Impala!

  120. dazza says:

    why put the shelby from the 2000 version gone in 60 seconds in? that movie was so fail and nicolus cage ruined it … the original movie with the 73 yellow stang was a icon they had only 1car to do the entire 40 minute car chase scene lets see hollywood magic top that …

  121. Timbob says:

    Mr Bean’s green mini should have been in the list, or even the blue reliant robin he’d run off the road. Cars don’t need to be fast to be famous.

  122. Oke Samuel says:

    Transporter BMW is not here which sure ought to be… You have only cars from Die Another Day cars here from all James Bond films.. The animation movie Cars also ought to have a place in this ranking… In my opinion these list is way not so complete but it is fairly acceptable

  123. Hoardak says:

    James Bond fan, = Star Trek fan, = NERD. James Bond is for Nerds. As for the old camaros,,, I’m so SICK of Americas Love affair will those dam things! They aren’t rare at all. You can walk down any street in the suburbs, & see a garage door open with a Camaro “Project Car” inside. Whenever I watch the classic car auction,,,, there’s always more Camaro’s than any other car, (followed close by the mustang) & their not even worth that much! Every time I go to a car show,,,, it’s always Choked with dam Camaros! If I went to a small car show that only had 5 cars……. I guarantee,,,, 1 of them would be a camaro. they don’t even look cool. They’re too short, & stubby lookin’. I’d rather have something a little more rare, or, obscure…. Oh, & by the way,,, the Raiders SUCK! So, stop supporting them so loudly…. Don’t you get tired of getting all pumped up for a game, Stabbing fans for the opposing team, & then the Raiders lose again, & your hangin’ you head in shame & disappointment once again? Welp, all you can do to get over it is, get drunk, beat your wife, then, go to jail, or, work if she loves you too much to press charges.

  124. clark says:

    Hemi cuda in phantasm.

  125. steve says:

    what about the Corvette from Route 66?

  126. Luis says:

    What happend to the James Bond Aston Martin DB5?

  127. Fred says:

    How about the pickup truck from Sanford and Son, you big dummies!

  128. Peter says:

    How about the 1971 Plymouth Valent with the in he move
    “Duel” 1971 Dennis Weaver

  129. Shaun Weston says:

    I agree – should have had Columbo’s car in the list (with the dog hanging out of the window), and the second Saint car (Jaguar XJ-S, I think).

  130. Erik Suess says:

    You have got to be kidding me. Where’s the friggin’ Mach 5? GO, SPEED RACER, GO!

  131. Max Enterline says:

    He definately left out an epic car, the convertible silver Porsche 356 or 550 spyder that James Dean crashed in. Anyone ever seen the movie “Crash” with the beat up convertible Lincoln Continental?

  132. Michael says:

    The Challenger in Vanishing Point was a 426 Hemi RT, not a 440 magnum. You guys need to do more research. Also old Plymouths are true enthusiasts cars. When was the last time you checked auction prices for Road Runners, Barracudas and GTXs? Pitiful.

  133. greg says:

    Two for old school: the flying model t from Walt Disneys Rubber and the shot up gangster car from Bonnie & Clyde? U almost have enough for the other top 50 cars of all time.:… LOL

  134. Jayne says:

    Fun article, it’s obvious from all the comments we are passionate about cars! This is why producers take such care in picking the right “auto personality” for their tv show or flick! Your criteria wasn’t clear….Magnum’s Ferrari barely made the list? Seriously? And btw, the Starsky & Hutch Torino has it’s own annual convention…still going strong after 35 years!! That’s a top 5 car! Thanks for the fun!

  135. Joe says:

    How about Demolition Man’s red 1970 442 W-30?

  136. TdM says:

    I think worse than putting a skyline engine in a mustang is attaching a mustang chassis to a skyline engine

  137. James says:

    You definitely Left off one of the most famous cars from the 80’s…ZZ Top’s 1933 Ford Coupe, Known as Eliminator…

  138. t friend says:

    What about the fall guy?

  139. t friend says:

    1971 hemi cuda from nash bridges or the semi off bj and the bear

  140. SamBlob says:

    A pity you didn’t violate your “one car per movie” rule to include the black Dodge Charger from “Bullitt”. At least as memorable as McQueen’s car. (I can understand leaving out the Porsche 356 convertible, although I liked that one too.)

  141. SamBlob says:

    I knew I (and you) forgot something…

    1934 Ford hot-rod, in “The California Kid”.

    More people remember the car than the movie!

  142. Keven says:

    So where is The Mach 5 Speed Racer’s car?

  143. bob says:

    wheres the car from supernatural,or the car from the munsters

  144. […] broncho ford inc lee van tucker ridelust.com […]

  145. carl says:

    mystewy machine should be number 1 you jerks

  146. Yeye says:

    Nice list! However, hope its not categorized because clearly, Herbie and the 66 batmobile should be in the top ten.
    By the way, wondering if the following are to be included:
    – Mach 5
    – 1989 batmobile (one used by Michael Keaton)
    – Tumbler (dark knight)
    – Munster’s Koach
    – The Shaguar (Austin Powers)
    Again, thumbs up for the effort compiling the list :)

  147. You left off what may be the most famous movie car of all time: Chitty chitty bang-bang.

  148. Anthony Radford says:

    I have the original 1963 oldsmobile Dynamic 88 used in the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing, An actual barn find, found it sitting behind a garage in Clayton NC , Still look good for its age and it still runs and drives

  149. Dale Proctor says:

    good list but there’s two more that aren’t on the list at least. the 1979 GMC 2500 4X4 from “The Fall Guy” and The Dodge 1500 also from “Walker, Texas Ranger” both which could jump like crazy and take a beating better than a timex watch.

  150. James says:

    Batmobile should be number 1! there’s no-one who does not know what it looks like.

  151. Wiebe says:

    Why only movies, what do you think about Lennon’s Rolls Royce?

  152. rob says:

    You must have run OUTATIME and forgot the most iconic car of the 1980s the DELOREAN DMC 12! and what about ECTO 1 from Ghostbusters!!!


  154. Justin says:

    A few cars on here. I couldn’t believe they made the list. But, Where is The Car from the movie “The Car”? And, Joe Dirt’s Daytona?

  155. Jim says:

    91-92 Ford Explorer. Jurassic Park. Big miss. Shame…Shame.