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The 50 Most Famous Cars Of All Time – Page 3

Posted in General by Ryan | August 3rd, 2008 | 15 Responses |

21. 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider Deutto

Where It’s From: The Graduate [1967] film

Claim to Fame: Benjamin Braddock’s [Dustin Hoffman] 1779 cc, 118hp ride helped distract from the fact that he was banging an older, not-really-that-hot, chick.

22. 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Where It’s From: Smokey and The Bandit [1977] film

Claim to Fame: The famous 6.6-liter, 200-hp, muscle car that made every little kid want to grow up and be a fearless beer-runner.

23. 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT

Where It’s From:Bullitt [1968] film

Claim to Fame:Steve McQueen. Bullitt. ‘Nuff said.

24. 1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Where It’s From:Fast Times At Ridgemont High [1982] film

Claim to Fame:Although not an integral part of the movie, Jefferson’s [Forrest Whittaker] 185-horse Camaro Z28 with a 4-barrel upgraded 350 engine was the envy of every kid in the film…and in the audience, for that matter.

25. 1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427

Where It’s From: The Gumball Rally [1976] film

Claim to Fame:Competing against a Mercedes, Porsche, and a Ferrari [my favorite duo], the Cobra was the 485 bhp coupe with a top speed of 180 mph that stole the show.

26. 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial

Where It’s From: The Green Hornet [1966-1967] television series

Claim to Fame: Known as “Black Beauty”, the Crown Imperial was the Green Hornet’s “rolling arsenal” that featured front and rear mounted laser guns and rocket pods and the silent but deadly [sorry, couldn’t help ourselves] front grill-mounted gas gun.

27. 1983 GMC Vandura [G-1500]

Where It’s From: The A-Team [1983-1987] television series

Claim to Fame:Definetly not for soccer moms, The A-Team’s 350 c.i. V8 van came stocked with a Ruger AC556 fully automatic rifle with folding stock and flash hider firing 5.56x45mm NATO rounds, you know, for personal protection…

28. 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe

Where It’s From: American Graffiti [1973] film

Claim to Fame:The famous piss-yellow hot rod was originally a fully fendered red hot rod with red and white tuck’n’roll upholstery. For the movie, the upholstry was dyed black, but the hot rod’s sexiest feature was under the hood: a growling, souped-up, 1966 Corvette 327 small block engine.

29. 1958 Plymouth Fury

Where It’s From: Christine [1983] film

Claim to Fame: The crazy-jealous 305-hp Golden Commando V8 Plymouth Fury, Christine, took the term “car enthusiast” to a whole new level. Officially listed as a ’58 Plymouth Fury, some Plymouth purists [all 3 of them] have identified certain shots of Christine that cause them to argue the Fury is actually a Belvedere, but since the ’58 Plymouth Fury was essentially the Belvedere with a trim package, we’re not going to split hairs [well, not over a Plymouth anyway].

30. 2009 Chevrolet Camaro Replica

Where It’s From: Transformers [2007] film

Claim to Fame:Autobot scout, “Bumblebee”, begins the movie as a 1977 Camaro, but “transforms” into a 2009 Camaro. In reality, the car used was actually a rebodied Pontiac GTO brilliantly modeled and rebadged to be a dead-ringer for the Camaro concept car that debuted at the North American International Auto Show in 2006.

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15 Responses

  1. JoeK says:

    Doh!,my bad,outta look at the whole list before whinin :(

  2. Nate says:

    http://www.starcarcentral.com is where you can find a lot of the most famous cars on this list. I understand these are in no particular order, but SORT of ranking them from famous to obscure “uncle Buck?” seriously? would have been nice! Fun list, I found new cars I have to find for star car central now….
    The Wraith
    Columbo’s Peugeot cabrio car
    Fall Guy Truck
    Stallones Cobra (Eddie should find this one for me)
    Dog Car from dumb and dumber
    chitty chity bang bang
    Better off Dead Camaro (I found one guy with this, not nearby)
    Mr. Bean’s Mini-cooper
    Italian Job set of three coopers
    73 Mustang Mach1 from the original Gone in 60 seconds
    Dirty Mary Crazy Larry
    “Dude, Where’s My Car” was a Renault LeCar
    1965 Corvette Stingray drove by Nick Mancuso in the short-lived TV series “Stingray”.
    Munster Coach
    Harold & Maude: the modified black Jaguar E-Type
    Corvette Milner and Maharis drove in ‘Route 66?
    Simon and Simon’s power wagon
    Face’s Corvette
    1928 Porter from my mother the car
    Jethro’s truck beverly hillbillys
    Pussy Wagon and Deathproof car
    Corvette summer vette
    All the Bond cars
    All the Fast and Furious cars
    Thelma and Louise Thunderbird convertible
    a WHITE vanishing point Chalenger
    New Yellow Transformer Camaro
    1932 Ford Deuce Coupe american graffiti
    Fast times at Rignmont high trans am
    Greased lighting
    1977 AMC Pacer waynes world
    Nash Bridge’s 71 ‘Cuda
    Volvo 1800 the saint

  3. Jay says:

    seriously tho… there is some major problems with this list. Where is The Car, the merc from streets of fire, Cobras merc, maybe the bat moblie, Maximum overdrive truck! the punishers ride andmaybe the Fall guy truck

  4. Rich says:

    The 68 Bullitt Mustang should be way up on the list, This movie done way ahead of almost all is still the best chase sceen and it was done original without computers….

  5. Billy Corbi says:

    Where is the 1966 SS-396 Chevell? And!! 1965-GTO??? Now those were real cars. I know. I had one.


  6. JIM says:

    The best movie chase and car off all time was Bullitt. The best sounding car I can think off.

  7. Alex Money says:

    One of the hottest cars I remember was the Dodge Charger that Bullitt chased. It ultimately crashed and burned, but it was a memorable car. Also, reaching way back, the 1950 and 1957 Fords used in Thunder Road were super hot for their time. That movie was responsible for me buying a ’57 Ford in 1963 (I was 17 at the time). I loved the car.

  8. LOURIVAL says:


  9. Joe Car says:

    One editorial problem. Bubblebee isn’t a replica, he’s a prototype. Shia Lebeuf talks about it in an interview about how everyone was really, REALLY carfull around the car since it was a one of a kind protoype worth about a half a million bucks.

  10. Goldtrader says:

    #1 The Bat car

  11. Keven says:

    So where is The Car from the movie: THE CAR?

  12. Barry Lerer says:

    I would like to know if any cars from the movie Christine survived. I am a big fan of Barret-Jackson and have never seen Christine or a clone of her cross their auction block. Thanks, Barry

    • Barry Lerer says:

      I just noticed your comment on the Blevedere-Fury controversy. In order for Christine to have been a Fury, the aluminum side molding would have been gold colored instead of silver, that’s the easiest way to tell them apart, I have owned both versions of this car. Thanks Again, Barry

  13. david R. Blain says:

    Cool I luv Black Beauty

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