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The 50 Best Sports Cars of All Time: The Top 10

Posted in General by Chris | July 28th, 2007 | 155 Responses |



    The 300SL represents the perfect mixture of form and function, and is a surviving testament to German engineering excellence in 1954 when this car stunned the world at the New York Auto Show. It is undeniably pretty, but in a restrained sort of way–very disciplined, very Prussian. It was the fastest car in its day, partially because it was also the first production car to use fuel injection, and partially because of its super light tubular frame, which made the use of those idiosyncratic ‘Gullwing’ doors necessary. By today’s standards, it is not the most brilliant car in the world to drive, but taking into account its effect on the future of automobiles, the SL certainly deserves to be at least this high on the list.



    When the E-Type hit the streets, Enzo Ferrari declared it was the most beautiful car ever built. But to really grasp the car’s true nature within the context of the 1960s, you have to consult, nay, yield to your inner Freudian, and accept the fact that this is also the most phallic car ever produced. Sort of a horizontal expression of man’s intentions. Because without that slightly dirty connotation, the E-Type’s charm is completely lost. This Jag was Britain’s rebellious yet groovy “Yawp” from the rooftops of the world, and signaled their dramatic cultural revival from the darkness of post-World War reconstruction. Like many things British, though, the Jag was exceptionally endearing because (and in spite of) its gratuitous mechanical shortcomings, and anyone who has one knows what I’m talking about, and does not need me to remind them about the steering. Or the headlights. Or the brakes. Or the overheating issues…



    This was the first, and in many ways, still the only real American sports car, and in the 1960s, the Stingray was everything red, white, and blue all rolled into one. It was loud, showy, and shamelessly self-aggrandizing. It was muscle bound, torquey, and was about as refined as a bowl of chili cheese fries. One of the truly remarkable things about the car, though, was its small block V8, which managed to give a small car all the performance of a larger engine in a compact package. The car was still no star in the corners, but that’s okay. Route 66 doesn’t have many corners, nor does a one-finger salute, and those were the two things the Stingray was made for.


    header Nissan-R35-GTR-Wet

    A car of, by, and for the Playstation Generation. That’s what the Skyline is. It was so extreme it was banned from the very streets of North America, and it was so dominant on the racing circuit, it was banned from certain competitions just to give other racers a chance. And the newest model, the R35 GTR, is simply the craziest most insanely capable version yet. It’s entirely programmable, from its engine to its four wheel drive, and it gives the driver more readouts than could be humanly possible to even care about. On the outside, the Skyline is almost in disguise, keeping the monster inside under wraps until that red light or that twisty mountain road comes up, and then a quick downshift and a whistle from the blow-off valve herald the release of “Godzilla” from its mundane trappings. It’s all very dramatic to be sure. But the Skyline appeals to people who are used to shifting gears with their index fingers and driving with their thumbs, and in non-numerical terms, the Skyline is rather plain. It has all the personality of a can opener, and the curb appeal of an Edmund Spenser poem–sure its beautiful, and undoubtedly significant, but you have to know something about British Literature to appreciate it. All those without a Masters in Tuning and Ricing need not apply.



    If the F40 car was Enzo’s greatest going away present, the great must the Enzo Ferrari be if it was deemed worthy enough to bear its founder’s name? For the layman driver, this is about as close as you will ever get to the Formula 1 experience in a road car. The engine is, again, in the middle, a V12 with 660HP and a top speed of 220mph, making the performance as insane as the flamboyant body design. It’s not exactly pretty, per se, but rather so weird as to be exotic looking, much the same way the Countach wooed us way back when. The instant you see it, you see the money it’s rolling over as well, and you notice the guy in the driver seat isn’t you, and the whole fatal attraction begins. There were only 400 of these ever made, but the number of actual surviving units decreases seemingly on a monthly basis. Unlike the Murcielago, there is in fact a shrine dedicated to Enzo deaths (all of them untimely) which reminds us all of how important it is to keep rich celebrities out of these cars. But we aren’t likely to preserve many of them without being movie stars or pro athletes ourselves. Oh, damn you Catch-22!



    Up until the Miura, almost every sports car had been front engine/rear drive. And though De Tomaso had produced a mid-engine car already, the Miura popularized the idea, and became the trend setter for an entirely new age in high performance cars. By today’s standards, the Miura is a beast, just as tall and wide and long as a 599, but its dimensions house its little secret. You see, mid-engine cars weren’t always, and sometimes, still aren’t, very pretty to look at. Something about the proportions of a cabin-forward design just isn’t as intuitively pleasing to the eye as the aesthetic of a traditional FR car. Look at the Enzo, the Ford GT, the Audi R8, the Countach, the Carrera GT, and the Murcielago: they are all attractive, and exotic, and moving, but they aren’t exactly what we would call pretty. But the Miura, the Miura is pretty, and it is still one of the most significant cars ever produced.



    What can be said about this car that hasn’t been said thousands of times, and sometimes even cleverly? The Veyron brushes shoulders with the all-time greats not because of what it does, but how it does it. Top speed crowns are momentary honors inevitably passed on to the next generation. Already, the SSC Ultimate Aero and others have surpassed its 253mph top speed, but none have managed to improve on the ease with which the Veyron achieves its stupendous mark. It is composed at any speed, and it isn’t a stripped down street legal race car either, but includes all the amenities deserving of a 1.2 million dollar car. The Veyron has done what many said couldn’t, or even shouldn’t, be done–make a road worthy luxury grand-tourer capable of breaking the speed limit nearly four times over without getting too excited.

  • 3. FERRARI 250 GTO


    You are looking not only at the best Ferrari of all time, but in some minds, the best sports car of all time period. Certainly, the former assertion would seem enough evidence to grant the latter. And certainly, this car is well deserving of its title as the Most Beautiful Car ever built, as its FR proportions are definitely easier on the eyes than any modern MR car. So why is it sitting here at number 3? Because an all-time list must take into account the breadth of a car’s effect, and while in its day, and in its place, the journalistic community could make a good case for placing it at number one, an all time list shouldn’t be dominated by a car that needs such an explanation. Both in terms of ground breaking performance and overarching effect on the population at large, the 250 GTO just doesn’t stack up against the final two cars on our list.

  • 2. MCLAREN F1


    The McLaren F1 is still quite possibly the greatest road going car of all time. It may have abdicated its top speed crown of 240.1mph, but it did so without the help of forced induction, making it the fastest Naturally Aspirated road car to this day. The F1 has a unique three seat design, with the driver’s seat positioned in the middle, making entry and exit a bit of a pain, but it optimizes the driving experience, which is the F1’s most brilliant trait. There are few cars that can rival the F1’s ability to combine street car with race car, and still fewer do so in such a mature but still sexy exterior. But while the F1 excels in the performance category, its effect is mostly aspirational, inspiring future high-end exotics and our own lowly middle class visions of grandeur. Getting an F1 is like applying for public office: you need money, charisma, and clout, and even then, there aren’t always enough spots to go around. To an enthusiast, the F1 may be number 1, but in the whole scheme of things, it’s simply too exclusive.

  • 1. PORSCHE 911


    It’s hard to believe that the top of this list could be occupied by a car with any ties to the VW Beetle, but alas, it is, and deservedly so. The 911 is the second oldest nameplate in continuous production (behind the Corvette) and it is the oldest living example of the air (now liquid) cooled longitudinally mounted rear engine technology pioneered by Porsche’s founder. Physics dictates that putting the engine in the rear of the car is quite possibly the worst place to put it as it causes the car to violently oversteer into corners and makes stability an issue. Nonetheless, the story of the 911 is one of engineers progressively tweaking a car to succeed in spite of itself. When it comes to owning a supercar you can actually drive every day, the 911 is still the best game in town. The car exudes quality, restraint, and German car love and our own car lust. And it’s a car you can see on the street, and a car it’s okay to dream of owning, because used models are always available in a wide range of prices. It is fast, exotic, expensive, and delivers the sort of unadulterated joy of driving one could only expect from the best sports car ever made. And that is why the 911 rocks.

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    155 Responses

    1. Aleksi says:

      Really, give me a break! You forgot one of the most legendary cars of all time: Corolla GT AE86

      Nevermind Skyline should be featured R32, R33 or R34. Newest Skyline hasn’t proven itself yet enough. The R32-R34 series dominated world circuits year after year.

      Corolla GT is still very strong in rally (not WRC ofc) and in drifting, despite being over 20yrs old (made 84-87).

      Also, where is 200SX (180SX)? M3?

      Not only that, but you have also mixed up super cars with sports cars. These are 2 completely different leagues, for obvious reasons.

      But really good pictures! :)

    2. a says:

      M3 is on there.

      If I had the money I’d probably go with GTR instead of 911 because it’s cheaper and just as fast. and it looks better.

    3. Mister Danger says:

      Take off the Boxster, change the GT-R to an R34, change the DBS to a DB9, other then that not a bad list.

      Bonus points for remembering the Group B rally car.

    4. Chris says:

      As far as I know, there is no official distinction between sports cars and supercars. And if you check Sports Car International’s list–you will notice that there is absolutely no distinction made between ‘sports’ and ‘super’ by the obnoxiously pretentious geniuses responsible for creating it. A 250 GTO and a Miata and a McLaren are all fair competitors in an all time list.

    5. Biotech is Eggzilla says:

      Great article. If the Lancia Strato or whatever it’s called were brown instead of red, I’d swear it was one of my bowel movements.

      Overall though, solid, solid list. Appreciate ya.

    6. Barros says:

      what the hell,you forgot the most fantastic car ever made in the world ,the lamborghini diablo

    7. james says:

      change that 911 to a 1967 shelby gt500E and that would be a good list

    8. Sunny says:

      i agree with most of the list but the Lancer Evo and/or WRX STI should be on there.

    9. Chris says:

      @ James:

      Here’s a Proof:

      1. Shelby = Awesome
      2. Shelby = Muscle Car
      3. A Muscle Car is not a Sports Car
      4. Only Sports Cars can be on a Sports Car list
      Shelby is not on the 50 best Sports Car list.

      Sames goes to Sunny, except substitute “Shelby” for “Lancer Evo and/or WRX STI” and “Muscle Car” for “Sedan”. The proof works the same.

      Really, there’s a reason there’s a big nasty block of text above all the pictures of pretty cars, other than making this list merely “appear” to be well thought out.

    10. jf says:

      How is (among others) the Skyline any more of a “sports car” than a Shelby? Isn’t it considered the Japanese equivalent of the Mustang?

    11. Fred says:

      Shelby Cobra is one of the greatest sports cars ever made, like the saying goes, money talks and BS walks, if you are going to put the list of gratest sports cars ever, then you have to put, the Shelby Cobra, just like you put the Ferrari GTO,

    12. Barros says:

      well this is a good list, but i think if you put the lamborghini diablo on the first ten car ,it can become better

    13. Barros says:

      put the diablo on the 7 place and remove the skyline

    14. Avatar says:

      I think it is really good!It just isn’t my opinion of in order thats all.And some of those things really don’t go there by my standards.

    15. Avatar says:

      And where did the SSC Ultimate aero go?

    16. adam says:

      The skyline is the best sports car for the money period. not a big fan of the boxster but otherwise a good list

    17. doersdude says:

      Saying the shelby shouldnt be on this list because its a Muscle Car, is by all means crazy. The cobra was built to destroy the corvette, which if im not mistaken was the “American” sports car. Why would the gtr be in the top 10 sports cars ever??? wouldnt the zr1 or the gt40 or the gt. i mean come on.. 10 years from now know ones going to ever remember that car created.

    18. Matt says:

      A muscle car is big. A Shelby Cobra is not. It may have a big engine, but it’s feather light and only two seats. A muscle car has to be mid-sized to big and room for 5. Camaros and Mustangs aren’t even muscle cars really. Muscle car = Charger, Cutlass 442, Roadrunner, AMX, Torino, Chevelle, Montego, GTO, etc.

    19. nuckin futs says:

      your all crazy…..the ford fiesta 2dr hatch is the best sports car ever, it can almost hold three people and it came in a sporty red colour…..and….and it could blow the doors off a bugatti veron…(if it were falling from space, but that doesnt matter)…..

    20. JC says:

      great list with very few misses. there will always be people who dont like some cars on lists like this one but overall is a very solid list. i think you should have added the corolla AE86 and original Z which was a datsun but i dont know which car you could have taken out. all deserved to be where they are.

    21. Travis says:

      how bout the BMW 2002 Tii?

      how bout the Benz 190E 2.3-16?

      how bout the lotus elan for pete’s sake?

      I’m going to go ahead and point out that unless the car is still around now, (911 etc), most of HISTORY’s best sports cars won’t be from the last few years.

    22. nathan says:

      The Bugatti should be #1 since it is the fastest production car as of right now…

    23. Michael Feinstein says:

      Guys I looked at your list and was suprised that you did not include the BMW Z8 It is one of the most beautiful cars ever made with a hand made aluminum body and with classic BMW 400 horspower M5 power.

    24. x says:

      I don’t agree… Porche can’t be better than Miura or Gallardo…And Miata… It’s true Mx-5 is a beautiful car, but the 11th place is too much for that car!

    25. Dare says:

      Much, better than the initial top 20 list. Depending on how far back you wanna go the Cord should be in there. Way ahead of it’s time.

      Not sure if I missed it but the NSX does need to be included if it wasent, it’s an icon.

      Nice nod to the Merc Gullwing.

    26. Ted says:

      I think the Viper ACR should be the top of the list – since it’s the fastest production car ever around the N. Ring. It cost $110K and outperforms the many half to two million dollar cars.

      I didn’t see the Dodge Stealth AWD, AWS, Twin Turbo on this list. I didn’t see the Mitsubishi VR4 either. But you included the Toyota, Mazda and Nissan cars???? Favoritism? The Stealth/VR4 is my WINTER supercar because ot it’s awesome ice/snow handling here in the Great White North. That was a serious miss.

    27. Ben says:

      im sorry but take off that mazda miata and put up a 2005 toyota mr2 spyder. it was a great car and its a shame they discontinued that line.

    28. Ben says:

      and go check out the new 2011 dodge circut. it really changed my outlook on electric cars. i still love my all american 68 chevelle, 72 el camino, and the 67 mustang i sold. i built them ground up, but this might be another toy i add to my garage.

    29. bobby says:

      The porsche 911 should not be the number one of all time

    30. Rex says:

      Great read. I do have to say I agree with the author on the cars on the list.. not necessarily the order, but the list itself. These are all great sports cars and the author’s explanation of why they were there are understandable. However, I am saddened by the lack of one particular car dear to me: 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder. A classic sports car by any standard.

    31. Randy says:

      I don’t know who all these people are but before you write something about a cars list you should actually know something about cars. I mean a mustang is not a sports car and if it were then there would be fifty more coupes better than it on the list any way also ypu should look at the list before writting about it i mean the cobra is on there so is the nsx and the reason the stealth or the 3000gt for that matter isn’t on there is because they knew you have to change the piston rings in them every 20,000 miles and if you don’t like it start your on website and make a list of you’re on I personally liked the list p.s. learn to spell

    32. PHEEN says:

      nathan your an idiot, the bugatti lost it’s title as fastest just a few months after earning it. On that note I agree with Avatar, where is the SSC? Might not be #1 but should have broke at very min. the top 10. Some cars I do not agree with, most do belong on here, yes, even the mazda, maybe just not in that order. The ONLY thing i’m really upset about is the 911 being number one and the boxter even being on the list. 911 is an amaizing car but not THAT great. As for the boxter…I would take that mazda over it any day…hell i’ll take a gremlin over that damn car!

    33. Han says:

      I’m surprised that I agree with most of the choices on this list. Usually lists like these have fatal errors that seriously question the credibility of the source.

      Of course, everybody would have some disagreements here and there. Mine would be the appearance of the F430 so high on the list: I think it’s nothing more than just the latest generation of the RMR V8 Ferrari, and there’s better choices for that type of car. Also questionable is the lack of the Evo/STi on this list.

      I absolutely love the inclusion of a Noble here. And for the first time, this article actually convinced me that the McLaren F1 not being No. 1 is perfectly OK.

    34. fil says:

      e-type should be first…

    35. joespeed says:

      Porsche GT3 is king of sport car..

    36. richard says:

      There is no better sports car than the 911.
      Porsche, there is NO substitute.

    37. Mike says:

      I can’t believe the Ferrari F50 isn’t on this list. And 911’s are freaking ugly. I guess looks wasn’t takin into account when it came to being number 1. But most importantly this whole list is BS without the truly greatest sounding and looking car ever built… the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta. Type that car into Youtube.

    38. joespeed says:

      you make love or you making noise?.

    39. Rob says:

      911 iconic primarily for longevity.Mx-5 way too high.With the Aero so fast, where is it? If Astons’ performed like they look, I could agree with that. Cobra should be higher. GT-40 should of course, be higher than GT.Standard Corvette(since 84 or later)should be included becaause of best bang for the buck for many yrs. running.Boxter highly overrated. The S version is the only one to even consider for one second. I’ll take a 944 Turbo any day.As for BMWs’, what about not the 2002, but 635 CSI or Z-8?Maybe you thought you had your crack covered with the early entry.The E type should be higher as it’s almost as iconic as 911. Miura best on my list for all the reasons mentioned and about 50 more. That would be the 1972 P400SV.Now rip me apart.

    40. Rob says:

      Randy, take a Xanax and use some punctuation.

    41. Austin says:

      Whoa whoa whoa……

      arent sports cars supposed to be affordable? Granted, there really is no distinction between “Supercars” and “Sport cars,” but the Veyron? Check the price tag- $1.5mil. Not real affordable. Nor is the Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari GTO, or McLaren F1. The Gullwing is an ass to find, same with the Stingray.

      I’m sorry, but everything/one that ive ever known defined sports cars as “Cars when, in a pinch, be raced”(C&D).

      So…. im done.
      Tear me to pieces trying to contradict me.

    42. richard says:

      Porsche 911s are fucking beautiful you fucked up faggots!

    43. James Callaghan says:

      Agree with every single car on there, not sure there should be an order though, just the top 50 in no order.

      Also numero 51 should be the Nissan S13-15 imo.

    44. Stormkite says:

      Allard J2X – the car that inspired the original Shelby Cobra.

      Looks like nothing else on Earth, goes like a scalded cat, and corners like… well, nothing at all. Handling was always a bit dicey. But it’s fast. And gorgeous.

    45. Scott Burtscher says:

      I thought it was a great list and I enjoyed the author’s rationale for the list. So, overall, a fun read with great pics.

      Like many, I don’t agree with all of it, but there is absolutely no way to create a list all could agree on – we’re all biased. I think the Countache and F40 should be higher because I had posters of them in my room when I was a kid :)

    46. Allen Ridgeley says:

      Very nice cars… but where’s the Nissan 350Z? It was very succesful bringing back the legendary Z. It MUST be in this list.

    47. BobOki says:

      I would have to disagree with previous comments. The 3000GT VR4/Stealth does not need it’s pistons changed every 20k, nor every 60k, 120k, and going strong on 175k right now. While the twin turbo 9bs may be a tad slow on top end, thats still 350hp out the box, and for nearly a song and a dance you can throw on two 15gs and be smoking most other sports cars out and about. Add the AWD, AWS, dual suspensions, Active Aero, and sheer bad ass look of the car, and it should have been a sure addition to this list. I noticed the 300zx and Supra, our “rival” cars are listed.
      Would love to see the VR4 get some love, it deserves it.

    48. ijnmn says:

      this is sooooooooooooooooo stupid give me a break those cars i see everyday thos old ones they look like a peice of crap like the mazda rated high than lambos give me a break this was the worst rankings of all time.

    49. connor turner says:

      that is bull shit a porsche in number 1

    50. joespeed says:

      may be 1 1/2.

    51. Rick says:

      What a joke. The Mazda Miata is on the list but not the BMW Z4? Whoever wrote this article needs to go do some homework and some test drives. What a disappointment to read!

    52. OD says:

      The list was aiiiite but not the best. I mean, come on, a mazda miata…….thats gotta be a joke. I like your variety and choices but not the best ranking.You forgot some cars though..Mercedes 560SEC, Lexus SC300, Dodge Charger/Challenger SRT-8, BMW 850csi, Mercedes CLS63 AMG, Shelby GT500, Pontiac Trans Am 6.6L, Chevy Corvette, Audi S8, Mercedes S65/SL65/CL65 AMG, BMW M5, and way much more..Hey man, if you put these on your article, then we’ll talk…. Good Job

    53. Bob says:

      Enjoyed it, of course these lists will always create argument. No shelby, oh well! But no porsche 917!!! How about a car said to be the first supercar, Bugatti atlantic coupe, now thats an omission. Good work, thanks.

    54. Andrew says:

      Not a list of true “sports cars”. this was a list diluted with great cars in their own right and category such as muscle cars and touring cars, but any true car enthusiast will tell you many of these are not true sports cars by definition.

      I am pissed about BMW’s direction with the M lineup. The original BMW M3, where it wasn’t about big V8’s and luxury, but taking a 3 series and stripping it down of just about every luxury and replacing the six cylinder with a lightweight 4 cylinder. I am unhappy with BMW’s new M series with leather seats, navigation systems and heated seats, a sports car is not about departing a driver from the road.

      What about:
      The Porsche speedster or 550 Spyder
      The MGB
      Ferrari 246GT (though the 250 GTO earned its place)
      The Louts Caterham (Super) 7

      This list needs to be revised or redone.

    55. Keskiyö says:

      I still think the skyline is the best car ever(R-32/35)….Porshe? i dont want a “modern beatle”…..wherever..i miss the AE-86.

    56. joespeed says:

      who care what you think.

    57. mm says:

      THE SHELBY GT MUSTANG IS THE GREATEST SPORT CAR EVER INVENTED. it can beat the crap outta every other car,Ferrari, whatever. you dont see those anymore.

    58. mm says:

      and when ever i read over this list,i laughed. i was like “wow seriously?”
      i haven’t heard half of these cars…

    59. joe says:

      I agree with most of the list but they forgot the Toyota AE86 and the Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 (GTO). The 3000gt vr4 was the most technologically advance cars in the 90s coming from japan. It was fast and damn sexy looking!

    60. lew azzinaro says:

      hey all,…surprised by the #1 top dog,…i have a 2008 911 carrera s that i deeply love,…but even i wouldn’t have put a 911 at top spot,…i just feel that while porsche does make magnificent autos,…that spot belongs to something that even i lust after,…like a ferrari of some type if i could afford one,..that marque just has a better uber-sports car vibe to it,…thanks for no f-n gtr though,…i think that turd is completely over-rated,…and if i’ve heard right,…nissan has taken the launch contol off that piece of techno-shit ’cause it was busting the tranny,…also heard sales have been a major dissapointment for nissan,…thought they could pull me away from my porsche? fat, frickinn chance fan-bois!…so now i hear they’re doing away with it all together in 2013…so long, loser!

    61. elvis says:

      this is all wrong
      1. buggati veyron
      2.stringray covert
      5.lambogini gallarado
      6.nissan skyline
      7.chevolet covert
      9.lamborgini miura
      10.pagani zonda
      now this is the correct way

    62. elvis says:

      where is lancer evulution it better most of the cars in this list the two mazdas are just totaly uuseless

    63. elvis says:

      hi im elvis and the last two comments were done by me and i still have an objection i say where the fuck!!!!! is buggati atlantic coup fuck this list

    64. wade says:

      has any one herd of the coyote I belive it came out in the late 70’s built by an airraft engineer with air craft materials just wondering

    65. skeen says:

      I have Drove 7 of the top 10 cars. I agree, The porsche has the best handling of all.

    66. Stefan Brunthaler says:

      I miss the Mitsubishi 3000GT. And probably some more so called sports cars like the 300ZX and RX7 which are in your list.

    67. Dean bart says:


    68. sports car critic says:

      Nathan whoever you are, you’re an idiot the Bugatti Veyron is not the fastest production car as of right now. That title would be heald by the Ultimate Aero which has a top speed of 256 mph while the Bugatti has a top speed of 253 mph. And whoever is under the name avatar, you’re a genius the Aero should definitely be in the list. Not only is it the fastest but it only runs for 435,000 dollars and for a sports car that’s pretty cheap. I love sports cars but my heart lies with American muscle. Try the 1970 Dodge Charger black.

    69. sports car critic says:

      anyways if I had a pick of any sports car these would be in my top ten..Lamborghini Reventon…McLaren f1…Ferarri Enzo…buggatti Veryon…I haven’t finished my top ten yet but all these I’ve listed they come after the Ultimate Aero tt.

    70. burritolikethesun says:

      I think a very good list with good rationale. I won’t agree with everything, but an argument can be made for why you put the cars where you put them, which is good enough for me. I don’t think the Ultimate Aero has earned a place on this list. Just because they made an aerodynamic car with an immense amount of power doesn’t mean it deserves to be here; the reasons why cars are on this list are numerous and complex. Sometimes it’s outright ability, sometimes it’s other factors. I like what you did with the Miata–it’s deserving of number 11, but it’s just not extreme enough (nor does it try to be) for the top 10. This list is worlds better than another “20 Best sports cars of all time” on this site, which was clearly made by a total idiot.

    71. RichieB says:

      Although I agree that the GTR is an awesome car, the new one is technically not a skyline…Nissan still makes the skyline of course, but it’s basically just the American Infiniti G35. You should rename that listing to Nissan GTRs, to encompass all years…

    72. x says:

      how could thet forget the citroen gt

    73. carwizz345 says:

      a s2000 is not better then a apollo.a 911 isn’t the top car snd this time you got the the real cars. just get a bently instead of a s2000

    74. Kuri says:

      You can debate the relative placings but there’s certainly a case for every car on the list to be included.

      And for me the 911 is the greatest of them all… The history, the variants, and drive make it undeniably the greatest sports car… so far!

    75. Jim H says:

      Currently I have two cars on the list, a ’67 E-Type and a Boxster. Just sold my Miata to make room for the Boxster. I like this list…. :-)

    76. nashville9000 says:

      Pretty good list…

      No MG? Austin-Healey? Daimler (think SP250)? Morgan?

      You forgot some VERY important cars there. How can you have a Miata and not a MG-B?

    77. James says:

      Okay okay everyone. Dont get them in a bunch. I think the definitions of Supercar and Sports cars are playing on many of your emotions. Being that they are one and the same thing but supercar referring to the more high-end cars, SO even muscle cars and 4 door sports sedans can go on this list. The better distinction would be to separate the higher-end exotics (by price perhaps). Most supercars are built for track performance and play toys/collections for those who can afford. SO a better and more logical approach to this list is Top Production Sports cars (those that are intended to sell on the streets of any country for everyday driving) and then another list for Top Supercars/ exotics (the no-i-couldnt-drive-this-everyday-to-work-if-i-bought-it cars d:D ).. So with that said.. the Skyline GTR is undoubtedly #1 car that you can drive today even in the USA, but its predecessor the Skyline R34 remains a BEAST (both should be on the list..R34 at #8 and GR-T as #1).. The Porsche 911 Turbo has its place as #2 as it is a BEAST too, but cannot outdo the technology and engineering poured into the GT-R. Nissan really outdid themselves.
      Oh, and the Boxter needs to be at #49. A Mazda Miata.. Really? I think a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO8 and EVO9 also Subary WRX STI and the Ford Mustang GT all deserve spots on this list. After all, the definition of a spots car is above average performance on the streets. Thats why Nissan Maxima has always had 4DSC (4 Door Sports Car) on its doors since inception.. it was designed to be a production car that could deliver sporty performance, If you have read all this.. GOD BLESS you! I dont even think it will post.

    78. Michael says:

      The Nissan GT-R sucks because it doesn’t offer a manual. Automatic “sports” car =FAIL!!!

    79. Josesl16 says:

      hiks hiks where’s the lan evo ix and x??

    80. Golden_Eag20 says:

      if you think that the 911 is the greatest sports car of all time then you have major problems. Also where are the pony cars at least put in the Firebird Trans Am or heavens forbid a Mustang / Shelby!!

    81. Chuck says:

      Seems like at least ONE Lotus should have made the list.

    82. LanEvoK1d says:

      Good list overall. I agree with how the 911 is the best sports car, because its been around for a long time and has proved itself over time as a great car. However, I think you guys could have added a Lotus in here, for example a Exige S 260, to replace the Porsche Boxster. Also, I like how you guys had the sense not to include any muscle cars on this list, because those don’t qualify as genuine sports cars. Muscle and Sports cars are two different categories for two types of cars. The only muscle car that can belong on this list would probably be a Boss 302 or something, as those can actually negotiate a corner decently and have “real” racing pedigree. You guys probably should have put GT-R somewhere in the title for the Nissan Skyline, however, because a Nissan Skyline conjures up images of the V36 series G37 that does not belong on this list. Kudos on the inclusion of the Audi Quattro, Lancia Stratos, and Ferrari 250 GTO.Those were the true automotive greats.

    83. LanEvoK1d says:

      Oh, and on a side note, you guys should make a list of muscle cars that will please those “WHERES THE SHELBY GT500″ people.

    84. The Lotus Seven should definitely be there – simplicity, handling, acceleration and grin factor !!
      My E46 M3 – not shabby either
      Great photos

    85. Old School says:

      alright so there are some nice cars on the list, not sure how the Supra made it to the top 50 or even that one they can be modified to have over 1000 HP, the Miata? wtf, how is that a sports car, Alpha Romeo i can understand, but a Miata that looks a little like the Alpha Romeo, and I guess the GtR720 was still in production at the time this list was created, thats all i can complain about, 2 cars and one not on the list, The Evo is not a sports car, fast, its more like a Rally car, Hello…Rally car, Wrx, or the Evo, and i am surprised the Bugatti didnt make the number one spot, the 911 is a classic car that hasnt changed much, as far as the body goes. it does deserve the Number One,

    86. Old School says:

      in defense of my Bugatti, the Veyron still has the fastest 0-60 2.4 seconds, where as the top speed of the Ultima GTR720 is 257 mph, still faster at the redline, only by 3 mph, both are nice cars, the gtr has less HP, and lighter, so it is faster, I dont know about you but i wouldnt complain if my car peaked at 254 mph, although there is something about moving at 257 that I would want to experience, at least once.

    87. Tomas Endsieg-Norway says:

      Huh??No Mitsubishi 3000 GT 4wd/4ws?!Bummer.

    88. Dat D00d says:

      Absolutely love this list. Learned about many sports cars I never heard of or knew about so this was a great educational tool for me.

      Just kinda starting to get into cars and definitely a lover of sports cars and super cars.


    89. geoff says:

      Where’s the Ferrari Dino?

    90. jeremy says:

      The Miata is definately a top sports car. If you had the pleasure to wring out one of these little gals you would understand. It truely is better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.

      However, I understand why the Mazda is the most hated vehicle on the list… It clearly doesnt have enough power and machismo to shroud the shame of small genitals. But I didnt see a Hummer, Superduty Ford, or IROC-Z on here so im assuming this isnt a list of veichles that make men with tiny wangs feel adequate.

    91. Andreas says:

      this is bullshit… cars as the f40 and veyron is not cassed as sports cars but supercars.

    92. willi says:

      great list and very true,but your missing alot of great cars that are legendery,the GT-R r34,the renault R27 F1,and last but not least,the TOYOTA supra should be the number 1 car,because clearly its said under it,”a 2JZ engine” ,if ur smart,u could harvest some of ur money and get the supra manufactured,and easly,it will take out any car thats ready to challenge the supra.

    93. Mozre says:

      Bugatti is always Number 1 not 4

    94. Penny says:

      Nice list but Its a shame they didn’t mention my beloved Jaguar XJ220, I’ mean it had the title of the fastest car in the world around 1992 and hey! it was a twin turbocharged v6!!! how sexy is that???

      Also the Datsun 240z is missing… This was the very first Japanese sports car to charm almost every one with it great balance, engine, design and price tag… other than that, no complains about the list.

      PS… Maybe a Z8 also could do it to the list

    95. RedSands says:

      This is a solid list, and I think the Nissan ‘GT-R’ gets a very deserved pole. Note that the R35 is no longer within the ‘Skyline’ generation.

      Though I think the R32 deserves much more credit here as it IS the Skyline that carries the nichname of ‘Godzilla’.

      I refuse to accept some of the comment saying that the 350Z should be on the list, since the 300ZX dominates the entire ‘Z’ generation from it’s style, handling and performance. The 370 might give a challenge though.

      I agree with the F40 though I always thought it would be ranked higher than this. I’m still wondering where the F50 went…

    96. Randy says:

      The way I see it is – you properly nailed the 911as being #1 (wish I had one)…..and the other 99 are tied for 2nd place

    97. R says:

      Great list i was enjoying it until i came to number 1 and seen the 911 had the number one spot…. Don’t get me wrong here it is a great car but out of all the cars you had on this list it definatly was not a #1.

    98. monoflo says:

      No losers – no easy way to pick the number one – hard to argue with the 911——————but Lambos Miura – any GTO – the Italian ones- could easily taken top spot.

      But the 911 since I got one _ agree

    99. Vincent Menniti says:

      The list is decent, but come on…..no Dodge Viper…..that car was ground breaking when it first came out.
      Diablo, lotus,…?

    100. 911z says:

      When you own a 911 you know it’s true . . .

    101. Nick says:

      Great List but where is the MR2 mid engine love? The car is the more fun then a s2000 and miata or Porsche boxster. The 84-89 mr2 was fun especially if you had a supercharged model. Then th 91-96 model was even better. If you bought a turbo model you would know how a car is suppose to be. Fun to drive no matter what. And also shocked by no 3000gt vr4 on the list or a civic. The civic started the drive for the tunner culture.

    102. JAY says:

      Mostly good cars and a credible list only why does M6 not figure in the list?

    103. Speedometer says:

      What about the BMW M6 or Wiesmann GT which uses the M6’s V10 (newest model)?

    104. Speedometer says:

      I mean the GT MF5…

      BTW, I didn’t notice somebody already mentioned the M6 above…

    105. Zenki says:

      This one is a better list… but just don’t agree 911 being num. 1 though. :)

    106. kid power says:

      I think the 911 shouldn’t even be in the top 50
      The veyron should go in number 1

    107. logoff says:

      the best car made ever is Pagani Zonda R. 750hp in 1070kg.

    108. world class driver says:

      where the fck is lancer evo, the best sports car you can get with an affordable price.

    109. Safa says:

      Gr8 top list cars ! i agree with #1 the 911 ! hell yeah its the only glory continues production of sports cars ! she ‘s in the market for a long time ! the gallardo , the diablo , the murcielago stands for 10 years max havng the glory , same for f40 or enzo , but a 911 is there for more than 20 years !!!!! got the point ?! and a boxster should be in 20# . its coming from the legendry 550 spyder , its the best roadster ever and for amateurs u have to drive it to understand it . check out the 2010 model , and nw the new spyder historical model . i mean put any car from the same label ull knw that nthng can compete with the new boxster s except the other porsche models itself !!! (cayman , cayman s and a carrera ! yah a carrera !!! its true ! a boxster spyder can beat a carrera and a carrera s and a carrera targa and many other porsche models ) so who dnt have much information dnt even talk . and about the camaros , mustangs and other american muscle cars . lets be honest , americans couldnt made a sport car , they didnt get the idea of what a sport car is , they made a muscle car , and a muscle car isnt a sport or super car except the ford gt , the viper , and the new corvetts!

    110. Brian says:

      Guys… There’s no reason to fight over whether or not the Shelby Cobra is considered a sports car or not. It’s listed @ #14 on the list. Overall a good list. Also, the Miata is certainly deserving of being on this list. It has great significance. It’s won countless SCCA National Championships, spawned several stand alone race series, is infinitely tunable (turbo? supercharger? V8? Pick your poison.). It paved the way for the Z3, Z4, Boxster, S2000 and many other two seat convertibles.

    111. Bart says:

      Good list. You included some I would not have, but oh well, still a great list. I especially liked your #1 for the same reasons you listed. If the Super cars, GT’s and sports coupes were left off to appease some of your critics, the list would be lessoned in its scope. I also think the Porsche Boxter is the overall ‘best sports’ car (the 911 has evolved into a GT really) currently available to the public because of its excellent all around capabilities and ease of service and achievable cost. (note that these criteria would also bring Corvette much closer to the top)
      Allard and Morgan would be good adds if the super cars, GT’s and sports coupes were left off—

    112. Chris says:

      “how bout the Benz 190E 2.3-16? ”


      Great list of cars, wrong order!
      I love the 911. But its not top 5 worthy.

      good read regardless!

    113. David higgs says:

      WTF where’s the mosler,lancia intergale,lotus esprit,tvr Tuscan,weissman,Morgan aero 8

    114. Fabian says:

      Nissan GTR in the top ten??????? hahahaha
      Well. well…Nissan GTR, Honda S2000 and Miata are “better” than:

      Lancia Delta Integrale (6-time World Rally Champion)
      Ferrari F50 (???)
      Lamborghini Diablo (???)
      Bugatti Tank (???)
      Austin Healey (???)
      MG B (???)
      Lotus Espirit (???)
      Mercedes SSK (???)
      Alfa Romeo Spider (???)
      Alfa Romeo TZ (???)
      Porsche 962 (???)
      Lotus Seven (???)
      Austin Mini Cooper S (???)
      Alpine A – 110 (???)
      …And OTHERS…OTHERSSSS CLASSICS!!!!! hahahahahaha

    115. Fabian says:

      HAHAHAHA…Nissan 300 ZX, Toyota Supra, Corvette ZR-1, Ford GT are “Better” than:
      Jaguar XK120 (???)
      Jaguar XJ 220 (???)
      Bugatti type 35 (???)
      Bugatti Royale (???)
      FERRARI 250 TESTAROSSA (???)
      Ferrari FXX (???)
      Maserati MC12 (???)
      Triumph TR3 (???)

      well…well…americans NEVER dont learn about cars!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    116. Dr. Richard J Hughes says:

      barth. The simca 200 abarth from the 60’s was one fine car ahead of it’s time. Carlo Abarth might have been an SOB but he was a smart SOB.

    117. Rod Evans says:

      1953-1956 Austin Healey BN1 and BN2? MGTC? Come on,pure,unalduterated sports cars that were not priced out of the common man’s reach and still easy on the eye over a half a century later Jaguar XK120 perhaps.The British completely flushed their sports car manufacturing into the North Sea but, there for a few years they set the bench mark without question.

    118. God says:

      The fact that you didn’t know that the Enzo Ferrari is not a model, suggests you have no idea about cars. You lose all credibility.

      Ferrari named the car after the company’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. The name of the car is not Ferrari Enzo, They wanted to honour the man who started it all, and point out that this is a car outside of all classifications. It is a work of art that performs. It is functioning piece of art. It is not a car, it is a sculpture of engineering.

      I’m not a big fan of it, but at least give it proper credit.

    119. Gyro says:

      Porsche 944?
      Corolla GT AE86?
      Come on. Think next time.

      And why the HELL is the Enzo Ferrari (do it right, next time) on there? Sure it had a monster V12, but the handling was sub-Ferrari and it looked downright stupid.

      And the Murcielago? Why is it even on there much less HIGHER than the superior car, the Gallardo? Did you forget to think about that one? The Murcielago’s body reminds me of a stretched Susan Boyle that went through an industrial fan only to be glued back together by blind apes. The Gallardo, on the other hand, won’t cost you an arm and a leg, looks better, and in a lot of applications, is faster.

      Also, why is the Audi Quattro (thank you for remembering it) so low? Lower than the Strotos, which is also so low? Are you forgetting the countless wins?

      Next, the Lotus Exige. ‘Nuff said (I love Minnesota).

      What happened to the M3 not being on your list. You totally invalidated your list, almost to the point that this comment is useless to write.

      Last, I look thorough a lot (at least 5) comments and did not see this pop up once, probably because so many people like this car for one reason. The car in question is the Bugatti Veyron. Yes, this may have been the fastest car at one time (followed by the SSC UA TT and then the Veyron SS), but that does not hide the fact that it costs an inordinate amount of money, yet can’t even captivate the soul much less a corner. If you’re a fan of the British show Top Gear you’ll remember how the car expected to be number 1 on the lap times came a couple seconds off first in a track that lasts a little over 1 minute to complete for most supercars. So why, then, is this single-minded, actually slow “world’s fastest car” number 4 on your top 50 list? Why is it better than a Jaguar XK120? Better than a 190E? Better than a Nissan GTR which could kick its multi-million dollar shiny ass around the green hell? Better even than the godly Lancer Evo, the best speed to money ratio?

      Apart from these niggles, I guess, it isn’t a bad list.

    120. karimbo says:

      Only two gripes:

      1) Where’s the Exige?? You call out the Exige’s annoying little sister, but not the campus stud himself? On this one, I think you at least need to make the appropriate substitution, and even move it up on the list quite a bit. The Exige performs better, costs less, looks sharper, and has more magazine cover shots than most of the cars in your top 20.

      2) No Jaguar XJ220? The then fastest production car of all time, and on top of that, doing so with 6 cylinders still wasn’t impressive enough to make your list?? C’mon dude, what gives?!

      Enjoyed the rest of the list and the commentary…just thought these two deserved some love.


    121. Hector says:

      Well researched article but I don’t agree. It’s impossible for the Mazda Miata to be anywhere near a top 10 all-time much less ahead of Ferrari and the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago. The GTR is higher than that and is better than the 911. 911 compares to the 350/370Z. What about the 350Z & 370Z. They both beat (6) 911 GT3’s, the Gallardo and Murcielago at the Super GT World Championships. What’s with all the 60’s, 70’s Mercedes and Ferraris. The cars have 0 performance to an 80’s car with-out technological development. Today in 2010 the GTR is #1 in aerodynamics .27 followed by the #2 Genesis .27. The Z car has won over 23 titles in Japan still #1. What’s with the 175hp Stingray. The 280ZX has 180hp and a Turbo. The GTR also beat the 911 at Nurburgring, it was a kill for the GTR, but Germany won’t accept it because it was driven by Japanese man. You left out the Lamborghini Diablo and the Ferrari Testarosa of which I might add lost to the GTR. Mazda RX8 ranks #1 in the world in Liter:Power you left the RX8 out. Shelby? Doesn’t have anything, that drivers lucky he’s still alive. No TCS, no VCS, no AWD, no handling, no roof on car. Good thing the Mustang wasn’t on the list because they rank last with the Camaro and Firebird.

    122. andrea says:

      Great list, good to see some people realize where a Porsche belongs Numero Uno.

      Muscle car: cramming a bunch of muscle (big engine) into something else. Shoehorning the biggest engine you can into something else to beat a sports car Shelby vs Corvette – Might as well include a 1959 Volkswagen, rear seat removed and a Ferrari V12 engine installed.

      Sports car: 2 seater, beautiful, handling, acceleration, handling, beautiful, designed as a car not a mishmash to defeat something else.

    123. Gary Langille says:

      The comments were almost as much fun as the list. Those who knocked the Miata have obviously not driven one. A couple of others I have owned and loved should have been on the list as well, the Bugeye Sprite and the TR2. Just because a car is not super expensive should keep it from the list. A huge part of the term sports car should be the fun factor.

    124. james says:

      This list is laughable…Ford GT, Countach, Corvette, Mustang and GTO are most definitaly in the top 5. Most people do NOT like the Porche name, let alone next to those influential cars.

      The Muria was a product after the ford GT40..not sure why it is so high on the list.

    125. Bambi says:

      i just found this artical and the comments p**s me off, i loved ever car and this article is 100% truthful SO WAY TO GO WRITER

    126. Michael says:

      No Healeys, Triumphs or MGs? Yeah some of them were junk but they were the fore bearers of the sports care craze in the US after WW2. Healey 3000 MK3, the TR3, TR4, TR6 and the MG TC, TD, TF, A and B all could and should of made list. Also although the M3s are great cars the BMW 2002 Tii or the 3.0 CSI should have made it as well. Pitiful.

    127. Michael says:

      The author left out the single biggest factor in compiling this list; “Heritage”. a true sports car to me is a street car that has a racing heritage. Many of the exotics on this list don’t apply. Try again.

    128. Joe says:

      I don’t know why the Mark IV TOYOTA Supra isn’t in the top ten?? It was and still is one of the best cars of all time. For it’s weight (almost 3500LBS) it has one of the best (shortest) braking records of any car in the world. And what about the Celica?!? The Celica was one of the longest running production sports cars in the world. The 5th and 6th generations were just amazing in all rally events. They were PURE 4WD champions…

      • matt says:

        I can totally agree with you that the Supra needs to be in the top ten if not 20 for sure. Its twin turbo v6 is amazing! people claim that amarican muscle cars can beat it and yea, mabye the v8’s can, but when you compare the 1998 supra with the any 2012 (v6) muscle car, the supra wins in every category by a long shot, It truley is an amazing car if it can do that!! Also i can agree the celica should be in it too, their good cars as well

    129. tom says:

      i’m sorry you can’t seriously put the Porsche 911 first… it hasn’t even changed it’s the way it looks

    130. Mark M. says:

      I found the list very strong, but here are my humble thoughts about it:

      1- Boxster doesn’t deserve to be on top 50. Maybe Cayman…
      2- Miata? OK I find it very succesful, but as a roadster. Instead, the list should have Porsche speedster, or MGB, or Alfa Spider…
      3- Seeing the #1 at the end made me smile with melancholic feelings. My 1st car was a ’74 VW beetle, and the last car I sold was a ’00 Carrera 4… I agree totally with the comment it got & hope to have another one in the future…

    131. gt says:

      OK. Lemme give a different perspective… anybody could stuff a bigger engine, widen its stance, give a longer hood and give cushier interior…but we are talking about a sports car! doing more with less! Hello! ur pure brute arguments does not justify the engineering marvels that the 911 has accmplished! Ur biases really do not hold any water!

    132. d says:

      The miata at 11 is perfectly reasonable. It’s an Iconic example of the small, simple and nimble sportscar. It is responsible for the resurgence of the pure sportscar.

      I would change the order of the list and add a few older examples (BMW m coupe, jaguar xk120,lotus 7,,etc) but its not a bad list.

      The people wishing for American muscle cars on the list are too daft to realize those cars have no business being included.


    133. Carl says:

      1991-95 Toyota MR2 Turbo Should be on this list.

    134. Marc says:

      I think many people are missing the point. This list is not just top 50 cars in order of performance and “coolness.” These are the top 50 cars according to significance and legacy as well. Therefore, the 911 deserves the top spot, and the mx5 Miata also deserves its spot at 11. Please read the captions for each photo if you don’t agree with the rankings. Many provide a good argument. We obviously won’t all agree with the list completely, but I think it’s well constucted and thought out.

    135. Nikhil Prasad says:

      it should be
      10) Skyline
      9) E Type
      8) Stingray
      7) Diablo
      6) Enzo
      5) Miura
      4) Bugatti
      3) Porsche 911
      2) GTO
      1) F1

    136. a wiggins says:

      Any list like this without at least four or five jags included is just nuts! The whole early XK series is missing except for the E type.. 120, 140, 150,C., D. And not to mention the jag supercars – where are they on the list??? 220, XJS, xj13, etc., etc. Also, No Bristol? No Sunbeam Tiger? Etc. — WTF?

    137. scott badger says:

      Uh…Daytona Cobra Coupe…World’s champion that beat the Ferrari 250 GTOs in 1965? America’s greatest racecar? WAY better than the Cobra roadster, just not as well known

    138. Tom says:

      Although it may not have deserved it when the list came out, the 911 certainly deserves the top spot now. The Corvette should be #2 (the corvette and the 911 are the two oldest continuously produced verifiable “sports cars”), but the 911 is unique in two regards.

      Firstly, the 2011 911 Turbo S is rated from the factory at 3.1 seconds from 0-60, which is faster than the ZR1 (which is, as we all know, the fastest Corvette ever produced). The factory rating is a bit conservative, however, as the Turbo S has been clocked at just under 2.9 seconds from 0-60, a good four tenths of a second ahead of the Corvette.

      Secondly, for a car with such phenomenal acceleration (and a 196+ mph top speed, which is, yes, slightly below that of the Corvette), the 911 Turbo S gets 24+ MPG on the highway, as compared to the Corvette’s 20.

      *** On the acceleration note, it should also be mentioned that the Porsche 911 Turbo S accelerates from 40-60 mph (in second gear) in 0.9 seconds. 0.9 SECONDS. What else can be said, other than holy crap? A car that not only is very near the acceleration of a $1.5m+ monster which is the Bugatti Veyron, yet costs under $175,000, and gets better than 24 miles to the gallon (compared to the Veyron’s 13).

    139. John K. Oswald says:

      Kudos! Happy to see the 911 at the top of the list. As a fortunate owner of this amazing machine, all I can say is that driving never gets old.

      Porsche. There is no substitute.

      • Jawad Veyron says:

        Toyota Carolla? Chevrolet Camaro Z28 RS/SS? Ford Mustang? Shelby’s GT350/ GT500? Mazda MX-5 Miata (which I like)? Dodge Charger/ Challenger/ Dart? Tesla Roadster? Aston Martin Bulldog? Aston Martin One-77? Aston Martin DBS Volante? Lamborghini Reventon? Lamborghini Aventador? Those are not on there? Something is NOT RIGHT with this picture. No top 100 sports car list is complete without these wonderful cars.

    140. Ben says:

      now all you need is to take off that #1 porche 911 and slip that mclaren f1 to the #1 spot

    141. Doc says:

      Wow, I have to disagree on a number of fundamental levels. It is about the “sport” of a sports car, not a sports racing car, a sports car. Tell me, why no mention of MGB, A, C, Elan’s and other early period Lotus, TR6, 4, 4IRS, 3, 2, Austin Healy’s, TF’s, D’s, C’s, TR250, XK120-140’s, AMX, Speedster, 914-6, 904, TVR, 240Z, Toyota 2000, 60’s Mini Cooper, 124, (even the 850), endless Alfa’s, Renault’s Alpina, Sunbeam Tiger’s?
      You are a lot of of touch to not include a glut of British/French/Swede/Japanese 50-70’s era cars and completely missed the point of Sports Car. To not mention the Corvair Spyder in its variants is a total lapse as to what makes a car a sports car. Iwill bet you never sat in one much less drove the car. No Austin Healy 3000 or M100 is a said commentary as well. It is not about money and show, it is about the winding road, a beautiful moment and a guy (or gal) that understands a little more than where a drain plug may be located, but rather has somewhat intimate knowledge about the car the are caring for and appreciate…a state of mind and a certain understanding that goes way beyond posing, a cars cost and/or expense, and even racing pedigree (though that can be a factor when giant killing, aka GT40, 911, Mini, Corvette, MG, TR’s, Lotus. Lastly, where is the original Dino? The split window is a glorious car and of course the 911 and so many listed, but an ode to the above “others” was missing from your list. Nice try and thanks for the effort!

    142. Jeff says:

      the only thing missing imo is the Toyota 2000 GT. Pretty good list otherwise, the rest of the greats are all on there.

    143. Shut up says:

      You’re all just being daft.

      This list clearly can’t be made to everyone’s requirements, it’s a reflection of one person’s opinion.

      There also seems to be a lot of hatred for the miata/mx-5…really? An affordable sportscar that has been leading the path in cheap motoring fun for over 20 years? Please, it’s an obvious member in this list.

      & i’ve read too many times on this list and others that the veyron should be number 1 due to it’s top speed, which is just stupid, the main priority of a sportscar is not to go in a straight line quickly, the only reason the veyron should be included is because it is a modern technological masterpiece, more than just it’s straight line speed. Well, if straight line speed is all it’s worth, the veyron ss wre would be here instead.

      Also, price. Stop moaning, to be one of the greatest sports cars in the world means a car that has something special, and that something special can’t often be made on a budget. In other words, they’re expensive for a good reason.

      So guys, if you have a problem with this guys list, remember, it’s just an opinion, if it means that much to you that certain cars are missed out, make your own list!

      My recommendations to the list would be,
      Austin Cooper S MK1
      Aston Martin DB7 i6
      Porsche 917

      & as much as i seriosuly despise all 911’s bar the first series, i have to admit putting it at number 1 makes a lot of sense. I shan’t explain why, those of you stubborn enough to not realise why clearly don’t know half as much about cars as you think you do.

      Nice list, rant over.

    144. David says:

      Another meaningless list. No Porsche should even be included in this list. Ive driven them, and I’ll stick to ,my talian cars any day over that boring, soulless German crap. This is a real list? Then wheres the Bugatti type 57? Wheres the Iso Grifo Can Am? Wheres the Lamborghini Miura SV? Wheres the Duesenberg SSJ? Wheres the Talbot Lago Saoutchik Coupe? You picked a Porsche, lol. The car every wannabe anal douchebag who knows nothing about cars drives. Gotta go, taking my Bizzarini 5300 Stradale out, now thats a legend. You know absolutely nothing about TRUE greatness my friend

    145. dan says:

      C’mon, I mean this list was pretty legit until the 911 came in front of the McLaren f1….

    146. Steven says:

      3000gt vr4 should be on here… greatest car of the 90s, and stock and mod for mod faster than a supra, skyline, lamborghini, etc… etc…

    147. James says:

      Until I got to #1, I was thinking to myself, “damn, this is one list that got it right.” 911? That’s stupid. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Wouldn’t make my top 100.

    148. aguas says:

      Way the VW beatle cames first?

    149. Eric says:

      I lost all hope in this list when I saw that the Porsche 911 was number one.

    150. Jawad Veyron says:

      The Suburban should be first, introduced to America in 1934, imported a little bit later. The Corvette was next, Porsche’s 911 last.