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The 5 Greatest Car Commercials Ever

Posted in auto industry, Cars, Foreign Cars, Funny Videos, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Smart, Subaru by Suzanne Denbow | August 18th, 2008 | 3 Responses |

Some car companies get it, some don’t, but the ultimate key to developing a vehicle’s image is successfully targeting the appropriate demographic [there’s a reason why you don’t see many 21-34 white males driving station wagons]. As was the case with the following companies [and one surprisingly “hip” government agency], the 5 commercials that made our list are the funniest, most perfect examples of the success one single smartass in your marketing department can create. We still might not want to buy the car, but at least they’ve earned themselves a little cred with the masses.

1. SEAT Panda

An oldie but goodie, this ad from Spanish auto company SEAT was banned from television and makes our Number 1 spot for flagrantly violating our commonly held ride-law that the guy with the hotter car always wins.

2. Australia Road and Track Authority [RTA]

Not strictly a “car” commercial, this ad was part of multi-ad campaign launched by the Australian government to crack down on excessive speeding. It took us [read: me] a while to pick-up on exactly what the ad was inferring, but when lightning finally struck, it was pretty damn funny.

3. smartforTwo

Banned in the U.S. its violence, this ad from smart does an impressive job of creating a cool image for a decidedly uncool-looking car.

4.Honda Civic

Originally aired in Italy, this ad was banned for glaringly obvious reasons. Made our list for acknowledging the fact that in a Honda Civic, the only babes you’ll be picking up are ones you pay for.

5. Subaru Forrester

We love a car that plays up its own stereotype, and Subaru definitely hit the mark with their ad for the admittedly masculine 2009 Subaru Forrester.

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3 Responses

  1. carnet says:

    wow guys, don’t you know a spanish SEAT (not SERT for God’s sake). strange, really strange. they are owned by the volkswagen group today, but I will not explain you everything. it is your responsibility and job.

  2. Suzanne Denbow says:

    I apologize for the inaccuracy, there is a French automotive supply company named SERT that I confused with the Spanish SEAT.

  3. Vito Rispo says:

    electric six – best band ever