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The 5 Car Colors Cops Ticket Most

Posted in General by Frank | June 1st, 2011 | Leave a Reply |

One of the longest-running automotive debates has been over what car colors attract the police more than others.

The unfortunate reality is that while the most ticketed car types are known, there is very little data to rank car colors by number of issued tickets. However, based on other statistics, human nature and driver opinion, there is enough information to surmise the car colors cops ticket most.

Here are the top five.

1. Red

image: wricmumbai.org

It is generally agreed by drivers that red cars are targeted by cops more than any other car color. However, automotive types differ greatly as to why red is so popular among the men and women in blue. One popular argument is due to the color’s popularity among sports cars, whose drivers typically like to push the legal limits.

However, there might be a scientific reason. Some scientists believe our eyes have evolved to detect oxygenation in blood, meaning humans notice when someone is literally red with anger. Thus, sharp colors like red naturally attract people’s attention, including cops. While the true reason why cops ticket red cars most is debatable, what isn’t, according to the insurance industry, is the belief that owning a car color other than red means saving on car insurance.

2. Silver

image: najoom.com

Silver is the most popular car color in the entire world. Therefore, one can deduce that silver cars account for a large number of the traffic tickets issued by police. In addition, the color silver is very adept at refracting light, which can make them stand out on those sunny afternoons.

3. White

image: http://fancytuning.com

While silver is the most popular color in the world, it is second to white in North America. This fact supports an informal study conducted by a reporter from the St. Petersburg Times in 1990 that shows white vehicles accounted for the highest percentage of documented traffic tickets in his area while also making up the highest percentage of the car population.

4. Gray

image: http://autos.aol.com/

The reporter mentioned above found one very surprising statistic in his study. While only six percent of total cars in the area were gray, 10 percent of all tickets were given to drivers in gray cars. The reason is undetermined. However, gray is the second most popular color for sports cars, ranking even higher than red. Do sports car drivers think they can get away with speeding in a duller car color?

5. Black

image: lotustalk.com

Another popular car color among the police is black. It is one of the most popular car colors overall. It ranks in the top five colors for sports cars, and has the same glowing brilliance as the color red. Add that all together and it’s easy to see why black leads to greater odds of getting pulled over.

The debate over which car color receives the most tickets is sure to rage on, with plenty of strong opinions from drivers and police officers. Without a doubt, though, some are going to be ticketed more than others. What color was your car each time you’ve been given a ticket?

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