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The 2010 Fuel-Efficient Jeep Grand Cherokee: We Need A Stiff Drink

Posted in auto industry, Chrysler, Hybrid, Hybrid Technologies, Jeep, Newsworthy by Suzanne Denbow | August 18th, 2008 | 5 Responses |

Pushing us ever closer to the brink of buying the biggest environmental nightmare we can get our rebellious little hands on, Chrysler LLC has announced their current development of a lighter, smaller, greener Jeep Grand Cherokee for 2010 [our anguish is too great to describe right now]. The hybrid Grand Cherokee will feature a new uni-body frame, designed in part by Mercedes-Benz, and a new, more fuel-efficient V6 engine currently being developed under the code name “Phoenix.” Although the 2010 Hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee will be Jeep’s first hybrid model, Jeep has also announced that several, as-yet unreleased vehicles will follow suit.

Jeep Trailhawk Concept

Jeep Trailhawk Concept

Jeep Renegade Concept

Jeep Renegade Concept

As a testament to their new commitment to the same environment that they were previously known for four-wheeling over, Jeep has also announced that their new hybrid models will be manufactured in their re-outfitted Jefferson plant in Northern Detroit. To prepare for the green maelstrom, Jeep has begun the process of giving the Jefferson plant an environmental overhaul – to the tune of $1.8 billion dollars. Currently, the plant is responsible for the production of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Commander [Aw Jeep c’mon – please, please, PLEASE do not release a Hybrid Commander, just let the thing die with some dignity] but after it completes its 285,000 square foot expansion, an upgraded assembly line and redesigned body shop will be ready to begin producing Jeep’s new hybrid models. In keeping with Jeep’s new Devotion to Green, the plant will also include several “green initiatives”, including:

  • Energy-efficient fluorescent lighting fixtures
  • Cleaner air-filtration systems
  • Waste-reducing decanting technology
  • Quieter electro-servo weld guns
  • Replacing unused parking-asphalt areas with grass to reduce heat generation
  • Utilizing reusable paint clips that hold doors in place during the paint process and reusing parts racks, resulting in a reduced raw material consumption
  • Trailer cubing and rack density improvements to reduce fuel consumption and transportation costs

So how serious is Jeep about their new-found faith? Serious enough to prompt Chrysler LLC to sell its Tritec engine manufacturing plant in Brazil, and put the proceeds towards the Jefferson reconstruction. Normally, we would be lamenting the fact that Jeep has apparently drunk [drank?] the “herbal” kool-aid, but we’re temporarily abandoning our seal-clubbing idealogy to applaud Jeep for refusing to allow an American cornerstone to be phased out. To Jeep personally: Although we feel a little betrayed right now, the anger and hurt will eventually subside and we just want you to know that, no matter what, we’re ultimately behind you all the way.

[Source: Automotive News]

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5 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    Good job Jeep. I have owned 2 Jeeps and my family has also owned a few. They are the best cars on the road. Better gas milage will improve the car a lot and get in more customer.]s.

  2. Hussey says:

    So how serious is Jeep about their new-found faith? Serious enough to prompt Chrysler LLC to sell its Tritec engine manufacturing plant in Brazil, and put the proceeds towards the Jefferson reconstruction.

  3. 68767 says:

    if they would stop this concept junk (nothing but concepts since the 60’s stop porking the oil people would you pos car companies- deserve bankruptcy for playing that game)

    I would totally buy it. I love jeeps but the mpg is crap and this “concept” car would be perfect if you would stop screwing around. These would outsell the prius tenfold. Fun/cool +++ cost effecient to run.

    What ever happened to biodiesel (sugar based/that switchgrass stuff instead of expensive energy->energy soy corn crap)

    Till then I guess I’m still on my prius.

  4. Michael Carr says:

    I have owned 4 Grand Cherokee LTD’s since 1995. I have always loved them. I still do, but I’m tired of the bad gas mileage [11 1/2 mpg ]. Why they never came out with an electric/gas hybride is a puzzle to me. I wanted to buy a 2010 LTD but I am going to buy a Mercury Mariner Hybride or a Ford Escape Hybride. Both car’s get 34 mpg city & 28 hwy. I will miss my 2006 Gr. Cherokee ltd, but I’ll be much happier at the gas pump.

  5. Felix Martinez says:

    Biodiesel is a good concept, but more oil is utilized to make biodiesel than what is produced. Biodiesel won’t last long. Hybrid vehicles are the way to go for our generation. The country needs to ween (wean?) itself away from crude before we end up taking over countries for reserves (wait…?).

    Interestingly enough, H2 turns out to be the best option for our cars, but we don’t have the infrastructure to make it happen right now.

    I own a jeep, but I’m looking at other vehicles (Volt) that I can trade mine in cause the mpg is killing me.

    I would have actually traded my Patriot in if I didn’t read this article. I can hang on for a little longer. THANKS!