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Test Drive: EVO Tests BMW 1 Series M Prototype

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BMW 1 Series M Coupe

UGH!! Damn those Europeans are some lucky bastards… Here we see Chris Harris of Evo getting the first taste of what the BMW 1 Series M coupe is all about. Before he gets behind the wheel though he points out some attributes that every M car must possess before it gets that coveted badge. He mentions things like the tachometer, gear lever, seats and exhaust, things that, as a former “M” car owner, I wholeheartedly agree with. From a performance standpoint the engine note, throttle response and overall ride quality also come into play. You see M cars need to be as refined as any BMW on the road, but yet have an increased sense of performance. The issue is the balancing act that BMW must go through in order to accomplish this. Since this was a prototype car there was still some work to be done, but according to Harris, the new BMW 1 Series M is something that if priced correctly, will make BMW enthusiasts howl.

Source: Youtube.com

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