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Tesla Roadster survives delay and will still reach buyers this year

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Tesla Motors has announced that despite a last minute vendor change that created a delay in the production of the Tesla Roadster they still expect to release their first production cars this year.

Tesla is facing what Preston Tucker endured when he attempted to introduce a new innovative approach to car building in the late 1940’s, except without the law suit and with far deeper financial backing. Delays and concessions can kill a good design, but it seems clear that Tesla is sticking to its guns to produce just the car they intended.

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The electric two-seater roadster already has a line of 571 buyers just waiting to collect their $98,000 sports car. For the production year of 2008 Tesla intends to build 1,000 Speedsters. Ofcourse for Tesla the Speedster is just the tip of the ice berg as they intend to use its profits as the base for a line-up of new electric vehicles. The next plug-in electric vehicle Tesla plans to produce will be a 5-seater sedan that is expected to sell in the $50,000-to-$60,000 range

While their intended production numbers are modest as relates to the Big 3, their innovation, ability to adapt and conviction to grow as a company will certainly make them a good model for a small start-up company for any industry.


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