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Tesla Motors Performs the CEO Shuffle

Posted in Alt Fuels, Car Tech, Design, Electric Cars, Emissions, Hybrid, Roadster, Tesla by will bee | August 13th, 2007 | Leave a Reply |

Tesla Motors CEO Martin EberhardTesla recently promoted Michael Marks as their new CEO to replace Martin Eberhard. As the driving force for the start-up do not look for Eberhard to be departing. His new position will be as President of Technology with the fresh auto maker; thus allowing Eberhard to continue to focus on the cars and innovations at Tesla. Marks will now be in charge of the day to day business of running the growing company.

Michael Marks is no stranger to the company nor to running a big business. He was the former CEO of Flextronics, a $19billion dollar company, before becoming a contributing investor with Tesla. Even so, Marks role as the CEO is a temporary move as a search for a permanent replacement gets under way.

With everything riding on a successful launch of the Tesla Roadster and its recent delay the timing for making the move at CEO is appropriate. According to the official press release from Tesla Motors the move had been in the planning all year. It is essential that Tesla begin to fill their Roadster orders this year with a completed and heralded product to give the company the right boost into 2008. All future cars for the company hinge on the Roadster. With Marks experience in manufacturing operations and logistics and Eberhards innovation and drive hopefully their new roles will provide Tesla with the success they are seeking.


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