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Tesla Motors Breaks all Molds for Cars and the Car Industry

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When it comes to Tesla Motors you are not going to see any over-payed executives sitting back on the corporate jet sipping mamosa’s in the early morning air. Well part of the reason for that is some of them just have their own private jets, but that is not the point. Even if the start-up funds for Tesla Motors came from some of the richest men in Cilocone Valley their notion of how the business is going to be run is very blue-colar.

Take a look at the start of Tesla Motors and its CEO.

The world is watching and waiting to catch a personal glimpse of the first production model, all electric sports car to hit the market. At $92,000 the line to capture one of the 1,000 Roadsters they intend to produce per year may not be long, but it will be filled with familiar names. For some driving a Prius is not enough of an indication of their Eco-Ways. Some people want their Eco-Intentions to speak volumes and to do it swiftly. Behind the wheel of a Tesla Roadster swift will be easy.

However the Tesla Motor company plans to be more than just a brief spark off the giant battery that is the history of the automotive industry. They are looking to show the world how an efficient company can be run while still being a member of the automotive community. Their exectives all work together in the same building, so if a decision needs to be made there are not board meetings to schedule. They get together and they make it. Each of the 205 employees in the company have stock options for when the company goes public next year.

Like any start-up company, the work is hard and the hours are long. What the investors behind the Tesla Motor Company are hoping is that the pay-off for the company, the industry and its investors will be huge.

Check-out the recent article at Business Week to read more about the company and the people behind the Tesla Roadster.

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