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Tesla Model S Shows Electrifying Profile In Teaser Image #2

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As the March debut date of the new Tesla Model S draws closer, a new image has been released to join the first teaser dropped a few weeks ago. Much like the first, little can be concluded from the cryptic photograph other than that the new Tesla sedan will bear a strong resemblance to its Roadster brother. Details on the Model S are nearly has hard to come by as photographs, but we have learned that the Model S scheduled for unveiling at Tesla’s design studios next month is merely a prototype of the production-ready vehicle. A slight letdown for some, Tesla’s mid-March preview is actually quite generous given the 18-month gap between it and the scheduled delivery date for the first Tesla sedans.

Currently accepting pre-orders for the luxury electric sedan, the images that have appeared on the web were leaked from an exclusive brochure sent from Tesla to the 100 customers who pre-ordered the first fleet of Tesla “Signature Series” sedans. Already received with the same A-List enthusiasm as the Roadster, orders for the Tesla Model S are expected to reach back-order status very quickly.

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