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Tesla Model S Met With Overwhelming Success During First Week

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Unveiled publicly for the first time last week, the Tesla Model S 4-door sedan has become an instant market success, with 500 models already reserved via pre-order during the first week alone. Despite the fact that the production facility where the Model S will be assembled has yet to begin construction, Tesla began taking orders on the Model S immediately following its grand debut at SpaceX headquarters last week and to date, there are over 500 4-door Tesla’s currently on back order. At $5,000 each, the reservations have managed to raise $2.6 million in immediate cash, taking a slight edge off of the $350 million Tesla is currently awaiting in the form of federal loans.

Although the certainty of its future is still somewhat subject to change, the Tesla Model S Signature Edition is tentatively expected to debut shortly after the standard Model S begins production, offering an even more exclusive driving experience for owners. Expected to be sold in both the European and U.S. markets, production of the Model S Signature Edition will be limited to a 2,000 units and in order to reserve the elite right of ownership, customers will be required to plunk down $40,000 of the $57,000 total price up front. More than just a flash in the pan, however, the Model S Signature Edition promises to be well worth the major chunk of change, as projected performance numbers predict the enviro-friendly sedan will be able to sprint from 0-60mph in only 5.5 seconds.

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