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Tesla Hits Tokyo, Opens First Overseas Dealership.

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Tesla in Japan

I’m still not sure the United States is ready for a full fleet of electric cars from our various manufacturers. They have limited range, no recharging infrastructure and so far, cost way to much to be considered economical. Combine that with a sub-200 mile range and one can see the many drawbacks that we are presented with. That hasn’t stopped Tesla though, the maker of the $101,000 all electric roadster. You see they’ve just opened their first overseas dealership in Toyko, Japan, the land where most of our electronic gadgets come from.

Tesla in Japan

For Tesla the move was obviously very strategic, especially with the recent influx of more than $50 million in stock purchased by Toyota. Aside from stock, Toyota has also signed a $60 million contract with Tesla for aid in the development of a fully electric Toyota Rav4 crossover vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, “We think the Japanese market is a fantastic market,” – I supposed he better say that considering what his company has been paid to deliver. Tesla also brings in a stylistic breath of fresh air for Toyota, a company whose cars are generally quite bland. I doubt highly that we’ll be seeing loads of Tesla’s zipping around Tokyo, but hey stranger things have happened right…

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