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Teens Attempt Moped Theft, Discover Owner Is Former Boxer

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Early Thursday morning, University of Minnesota 52-year-old custodian Ramon Acevedo had just finished his shift when two teenagers approached him outside Smith Hall. According to Acevedo, the teens asked if the moped parked near by was his, and after replying in the affirmative, one of the teens drew a knife on Acevedo, telling him, “This scooter is mine now.” Able to contain his amusement long enough to handle the situation, Acevedo, a former Golden Glove boxer, promptly assumed a fighting stance. “I threw some punches,” Acevedo admits. “I was ready to dance a little bit.” Realizing they might have made a slight miscalculation in choosing their victim, the teenagers immediately abandoned their quarry and fled the scene. “I’m a little old, but I never forgot my stuff,” Acevedo claimed coolly.

Perhaps looking to further nurture the growth of a generation full of pansies, University of Minnesota self-defense instructor Anita Bendickson said she cautions her students to always comply in those types of situations. “Your life and your health are much more important and much less replaceable than any possession.” Acevedo’s manager, Larry Loudermill, wasn’t very impressed by Acevedo’s actions either. “I think he was fortunate it was just young kids that were more afraid of him than he was of them.”

“Street smarts” are not readily available as a part of the University of Minnesota’s curriculum, so Acevedo accepts the advice of his colleagues with a grain of salt. Pointing out that he lives in one of the more dangerous parts of South Minnesota, Acevedo patiently explained, “I see them come with a knife, I’ll fight them back…If I see them pull a gun on me, that’s a different story.”

Source: Minnesota Daily

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