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Teen Girl Attempts To Evade Police – Hits Church Instead

Posted in Car Chase, General, Hoonage, Videos by MrAngry | April 14th, 2011 | 1 Response |

Jeep Crash

A 15 year old teenage girl was recently arrested in South Carolina for stealing a Jeep Wrangler and then failing to stop for police. The teen instead led police on a chase that ended relatively quickly after the driver lost control of the vehicle and rammed head-on into a church at 60 mph. The resulting collision threw the teen into the passenger side foot well of the Jeep, where she allegedly told officers her intentions were “to kill herself because life was not worth living anymore.” During the video you can hear the teen cry out in pain as the officer explains to her that this happened because she hit the wall doing 60 mph. Hopefully the teens injuries aren’t too bad and who knows, maybe it was divine intervention that she slammed into a church as opposed to an oncoming vehicle. Click through for the video.

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One Response

  1. Anthony says:

    It’s sad she wanted to kill herself, what would have been worse is if she winded up killing someone else.